Best Coffee Beans for Espresso- Reviews and Buyers Guide


You definitely need coffee as your day starter pack or maybe to chill out in the evening. And for book warmers, coffee can be your all-time best energizer that keeps you hyperactive for a long time. But you will definitely need good coffee, coffee that is created out of quality coffee beans.

There are various types of coffee but not all have the same flavor and taste. In fact, quality also differs. And this is due to the type of coffee beans used. Of course there two major types: the pre-ground and whole roasted beans.

A truly enjoyable mug of coffee is the freshly made coffee, the one you buy whole roasted beans then make for yourself. Coffee lovers attest to this.

Coffee tends to lose its flavor, oil, and quality when it’s grounded and exposed to air for long. After every thirty seconds, the precious value of the coffee bean is lost. Experienced users of coffee affirm this and that is why freshly grounded coffee is just an option so best that you can’t ignore.

Those who have for a long time been using pre-ground may not welcome heartily this idea but just try it. Once you get a taste of freshly ground coffee bean you will cling to it and never bother again with pre-ground.


Then, How do I now choose the right Coffee Beans?

Quality is what everyone needs, the best. But it all trickles down to one’s taste and preference. You definitely know what you want if you have been using coffee for a while but new users can consider the guide below


Buyer’s Guide- How You Can Find the Right Coffee Bean

Several factors are considered when making the choice;

  • The degree of roast- Whether you prefer dark roast or medium roast will determine your choice
  • Type of Machine- whether you will need a coarse grind or fine grind will check which type of beans is suitable with your machine.
  • Budget- It all comes down to the depth of your pocket, this helps you know the range of products to plan with.

Technically, all you need to do is just try the types and see that one that suits you. This can be one of the best advice. Tastes and preferences are relative, what seems to me tastier could be otherwise to you.


Top Ten Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

If you’re looking to skim through a list of the top ten best coffee beans for espresso, here’s a list of Top Ten Best reviewed coffee beans for espresso. You’d better check them out and make your choice.

This table contains the ten types of coffee beans. It is just a quick checklist to help you select the particular reviewed coffee beans you want to check


Beans Type Roast Type Rating


Lavazza Super Crèma Whole Bean

Italian Medium 4.2/5


Petts Coffee

Brazilian Dark 4.3/5


Peet Coffee K-cup Packs

Dark 4.4/5


Starbucks Breakfast Blend

Medium 4.6/5


Lavazza Caffe Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Italian Medium 4.2/5


Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee

American Medium 4.3/5


Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

American Medium 4.7/5


Nescafe Coffee, Taster’s Choice

American Medium 4.2/5


Kick Horse Coffee

American Dark 4.2/5


Peet’s Coffee Major, Dickason’s blend

American Medium 4.2/5


Now that you have gone through the table and seen all the ten coffee beans that can be used with the espresso machine. I now take you through the various reviews for the coffee beans for in-depth information.


1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Beans Coffee

“This is perfect mild and creamy blend that will make your taste escalate”Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza Super Crema is a super blend, with a distinguished taste. It is brewed from whole Italian coffee beans which are grounded. The product is brewed for commercial purposes however it can also be used for home use.

The Super Crema is made largely of arabicas and washed Indian Arabica which forms 80% of its content, this gives its high quality. It has a super taste which distinguishes it from other coffee blends.

Lavazza Super Crema is good for espresso. It’s also certainly the most superior brand compared to the various types of coffee brands available for espresso.

The coffee is good for regular drip coffeemaker. It makes a smooth and flavored cup of regular coffee. All you need to do is grind the beans and use in the drip coffee machine.

Super Crema Espresso Coffee Beans is Italian (medium) roast type, this makes it less bitter compared to dark roast. It can, therefore, be used to make a quick, flavored cup especially when one is late in the morning.

It is no doubt one of the best coffee beans used with the espresso machine. This mild and creamy product brewed from medium espresso roast has honey, almonds plus dried fruits to boost its flavor and quality.


Here is what you would love about Lavazza Super Crema:

  • An incredible and distinct flavor
  • It has a strong taste and good for those who are full body
  • Smooth
  • It has a nice aroma
  • Non-oily
  • It’s a perfect all-round blend


Here are some of the things I didn’t like with the coffee beans:

  • Its taste is not relatively strong compared to Gran Crema
  • It’s more expensive

Talking of taste, of course, people have various tastes and preferences. The world would be boring if we all had similar taste. So try out other options so that you know which product is favorable for you.


2. Peets Coffee Peetnik PackPeets Coffee Peetnik Pack

Peets Coffee Peetnick is no doubt one of the most celebrated coffee beans. It can be found in both roast and ground form. But for the purposes of freshness, the best coffee bean has been roasted and ready for use with the espresso machine.

For hardcore addicts, you definitely need something to tinker your system in the morning. You will not want tasteless coffee. Peets Coffee Peetnik is your morning kick start.

Brewed coffee is enjoyable, you can have a pot even in your office and just brew your best coffee bean with espresso. Share with your co-workers and enjoy the energy, the kick that comes with brewed Peets Coffee beans.

Bitter coffee could not be your favorite; your taste is for delicious coffee. The Peets Coffee can be light, medium or dark roasted. Therefore, you have an option for medium or lightly roasted beans. These are delicious. While those who need a bang, full-bodied coffee can choose the smoky dark roasted beans.

Considered one of the relative cheap coffee, you can find a sizable packet of Peets Coffee at an affordable cost. The product is certified and quality is guaranteed.

This is the best coffee beans you can brew and enjoy at whichever temperature, hot or cold mornings. It just comes to right at any time. No matter the temperature condition, the delicious coffee just holds up.

There is a host of dark roast coffee out there. They are strong but bitter. Peets coffee bleed has a combination of strength and good body. It has a deep flavor which causes you to need more and more of it. This is the way to luxurious start your morning: do a Peets Coffee Peetnik coffee. It’s just enough for one brew drip maker and two scoops.


Here are the things I found good with this best coffee beans:

  • It comes in a large quantity-big bag
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Delicious
  • Smooth
  • Deep flavor
  • Easy to brew
  • Water processed decaf coffee


Here are some of the things I didn’t like with Peets Coffee Beans

  • Sometimes you can find stale bags of Peets Coffee
  • Sometimes can taste bitter and caffeinated


3. Peet Coffee K-cup Packs

It is one of the strongest decaf K-cup coffees. Coming with great flavor Peet Coffee K-cup Packsand incredible quality. The best coffee beans are carefully roasted which gives it the incredible full flavor. In just a single serve of K-cups, you get high-quality flavor. Isn’t that convenient?

Dark roast for this best coffee beans in pleasurable to drink. It’s not bitter, quite satisfying rich of full flavor. It’s a blend of variety, a single serve guarantees you a variety of tastes. Brew it in the morning and enjoy starting your day at a note.

Light roast coffee gives you a mild and smooth taste while the medium roast comes with smoothness and aromatic. Dark roast is smoky and full body. There are a wide range of variety to cater to various tastes and preferences

Cheap is expensive. This coffee drink comes at a price but it’s worth it. For its quality and richness is out of this world. If you have sufficient income and you would want to enjoy the luxury of your money, then this is the coffee to consider.

Compared with Starbucks or Folgers, the K-cups just the most favorite. It has distinct quality and taste that makes it enjoy the lead when compared to other coffee beans.


Here is what I found favorable with the K-cups

  • They are strong and has a good dark roast
  • It’s full flavored coffee
  • It’s distinct in taste and flavor
  • A single service offers a variety of tastes


Here is what I didn’t like with the K-cup Coffee

  • It’s quite expensive compared to other coffee beans

To make the most of your taste, you need to constantly swap the coffee. This helps you not only to know the ones you like but also the ones you don’t like. And of course, taste is subjective, a person is entitled to their tastes.


4. Starbucks Breakfast Blend

“A coffee blend that gives the great flavor and taste and frees you from financial constraints.”Starbucks Breakfast Blend

When other prices are crazy, Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee gets you covered. It comes at a considerable low cost for the 20-ounce size packet. When you buy Starbucks, you get quality and also save money. Well, you can be skeptical when you buy it until you taste it.

The coffee bean is suitable for espresso. It is one of the most used by coffee addicts. The flavor is great. The dark roast has great full-bodied flavor while the medium roasted have this rich and smooth flavor that will give you eternal pleasure.

The Starbuck Breastfast Blend Coffee is just the right way to kick your morning. For the deep thinkers and boot warmers, you will need the lighter roast with crispy finishing to keep you lively all way through.

It’s easy to use the best coffee blend. One can have it with Keurig or reusable k-cup. It makes things easier. With few second of refilling your reusable k-cup, you have your tasty and delicious coffee ready.

The Starbucks Breakfast roast is easy to use with the espresso machine. You should not worry and get frustrated when you need the best coffee beans that will work well with your espresso machine at a better price.

The blend gives you the finest taste of your life. Ground Starbucks can be used with cold and filtered water to make a flavored drink. The dark roasts have the light chocolate traces which come out really nicely when made on the French press. The cup when complimented with any cholate product comes out perfectly and enjoyable.


Here are the things I loved with Starbucks:

  • They are easy to brew
  • The price is low and affordable
  • It has great taste and flavor.


Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Sometimes it can have a stale taste


5. Lavazza Caffe Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend

“Where great aroma and taste meet to give value to your money”LavazzaCaffe Espresso

Lavazza Caffe Espresso coffee blends the best coffee used in espresso. This blend is rich with high flavor and keeps the user wanting for more. If you have tasted this coffee, then you certainly agree that the taste is top notch.

With a medium roast, the beans are always light in color than typical French roast. It has a pleasant smell which gives the aromatic smell and smooth taste. The coffee has good flavor and is not bitter at all. You take a cup of the coffee and you will appreciate the value and quality.

Its price is relatively high compared to other blends but the value is worth the price. It’s a blend that ensures you enjoy the luxury of your money. So for those who can afford, don’t settle for low quality, get the Lavazza Caffe espresso and make you cash count.

The blend is made from whole ground whole coffee beans. It is blended and roasted in Italy. The blend has 100% Arabica which makes it enjoy the high scale quality. It is Non-GMO and there cannot predispose the user to any health hazard.

You can brew your cup of the Lavazza Caffe espresso and enjoy the delicious taste in under 30 minutes. The blend comes with an aromatic smell and nice flavor. It gives the hyper energy that gets your morning into the morning.

The coffee boasts your thinking capacity and it’s the amazing thing you can do to your body to ensure you have a successful and amazing day. The roasted bean which is darker gives you the jitters you need.

This is a coffee blend you can enjoy as black, though it can also work with some cream and sugar.


Some of the advantages I find with Lavazza Caffe Espresso include:

  • It’s strong and has high quality
  • Medium and light roasted have high flavor and aroma.
  • It can be used with espresso and other coffee makers


The disadvantages with this best coffee beans include:

  • It’s quite expensive
  • The dark roasted tends to be more acidic


6. Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee

Bulletproof The Original Ground Coffee

“You need coffee that keeps your heath in check? You got Bulletproof”

The Bulletproof Coffee is the pure coffee bean which is gown in areas free from any organic elements like chemicals. The whole bean guarantees incredible quality and favor. Even the harvesting process involves the use of skilled people who handpick only the ripe berries. This eliminates any chances for picking damaged or unripe berries which tend to lower the value of the coffee blend.

The coffee is convenient to use; this will make just love the product. It eliminates time wastage in filtering the drink. The coffee is pure and meets the standards for whole bean coffee.

The Bulletproof coffee beans are medium roasted. In the United States, the roasting is done in small batches under tight conditions. This reduces the formation of toxins. Through the medium roasting, the beans enhance their antioxidant capacity and boost the flavor. A cup of medium roasted Bulletproof coffee beans is not like any other; it has low toxins and is enjoyable.

The Bulletproof coffee processing has high integrity and ensures there is minimized occurrence of performance-robbing formed toxins. These toxins cooperate with chronic major health issues. The roasts are done well to maintain high flavor. And the final roast is taken for lab testing to ascertain that the coffee meets the purity standards as well as Bulletproof quality.

The coffee can be used with espresso and can be brewed conveniently at home. It may not be everyone’s taste but those who have used it commend its high quality of taste and healthy. It is allergy free coffee.


Here is the reason I like Bulletproof Coffee beans

  • Great taste
  • Allergy-free
  • It has no health side effects
  • It can health you cut down weight


Some of the disadvantages I found with the coffee include:

  • It’s quite expensive
  • It can be very addictive


7. Peet’s Coffee Major, Dickason’s blend

“An immensely satisfying dark roast whole bean coffee.”

MajorPeets Coffee Major

At just 7.5 x 8.5 x 6.8 Inches and a shipping weight of 12.6 ounces, Peet’s is a great coffee story you’d love to tell. Made of rich, smooth, and dark roast whole bean coffee, Peet’s coffee is a layered flavor blend specially made for people with a knack for deeply fulfilling coffee brews.

This unique Major Dickason’s blend is made of perfectly roasted high-quality beans that Peet’s Coffee could put their hands on. The company’s coffee team works around the clock to ensure that only top quality beans are used for the blend. They have invested in long-term relationships with the world’s leading quality coffee growers to supply them with uniquely rich berries, specifically for this blend.

What sets this product apart from its closest substitutes is the fact that the beans are roasted to perfection; a light, medium and dark roast for a smooth and satisfying taste. It comes as either whole beans blend or a ground blind. The whole beans or ground could be deep dark, light roast, golden roast, or a blend of roasts.

Major Dickason’s blend Peet’s coffee owes its pleasurable taste to a coat of aromatic smoky flavor on the whole beans. If you are looking to try out a pleasing brew of coffee for your morning mug or evening pick up, you’ve got to try out Major Dickason’s blend Peet’s Coffee.


  • Deep satisfying quality coffee
  • Nice aroma
  • Smooth
  • Variety of flavors available
  • Not oily
  • Exquisite expresso


This product has but one outstanding disadvantage;

  • Relatively expensive compared to substitute brands


8. Kick Horse Coffee

“The ultimate Kick Ass Coffee Beans for Espresso”Kick Horse Coffee

As the adages go, “ If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing great.” Kick-Ass Coffee have done something great with their Kick Horse Coffee Blend.

The Kick Horse comes in a 6.2 x 3.7 x 8.9 inches packet full of 2.2 pounds of audacious coffee. It’s sweet and smoky. Those are two tastes almost everyone wants to derive from their mugs of coffee. If you want to quench your thirst for coffee and get that “Mhhhh!” feeling, this deep, dark and delicious blend will do it.

So what makes Kick Horse Coffee one of the best Coffee Beans for Espresso? Well, it’s made of a blend. A blend of organic Fairtrade and Arabica beans roasted in the high humidity of Rocky Mountains to give it that satisfying sweet, chocolate and smoky taste. The blend is rich in everything you’d want in your mug of coffee brew. It’s Kick-Ass. It’s deep.

It comes in many flavors. There’s the Smart Ass, three sisters, 454 Horse Power, and the Kick-Ass blends all of which have unique formulae. The variations in the formulae arise from differences in roasts, aroma, origin, tasting nodes, and bean type. However, one thing is common with all Kick Horse Coffee blends; they are real Kick-Ass products.

If you’re wondering why a coffee brand should blend Fairtrade with organic, here it is: You see, The Kicking Horse brand serves something bigger than themselves. They serve coffee lovers and coffee farmers so Fairtrade is awesome for meeting the needs of both. Organic, on the other hand, means that the product is healthy. However, it’s a grinding coffee bean for espresso so you have to grind before use.


  • Great taste
  • No Allergies
  • Organic
  • Variety
  • Low acidity


You have to grind before use; it’s a grinding coffee bean for espresso.


9. Nescafe Coffee, Taster’s Choice

Nescafe Coffee

The very first thing you’ll notice on the package of Nescafe Coffee Taster’s Choice coffee beans for an espresso machine is the note that it’s 100% pure coffee. Yes, it is. Nescafe has built a brand around pure coffee and this 80 counts of Nescafe coffee beans for an espresso machine is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, freshness and ultimate coffee experience.

The master coffee crafter boasts of this blend because they have given it they’re all. The distinctive premium quality coffee beans are slowly roasted under controlled temperatures into a delicious coffee been for the espresso machine that’s deeply satisfying and stays fresh for long.

Nescafe Coffee, taster’s choice coffee beans for espresso is carefully packed in an easy-to-open pack which gives users convenience for self-service. With this, you will enjoy a great deal of 80 single servings in each box of the product. Definitely one of the best coffee Beans for Espresso.


The main advantages of the Nescafe Coffee Taster’s choice are;

  • 80 counts of Nescafe Coffee Taster’s Choice per box
  • 100% pure coffee beans for the espresso machine
  • Easy to open packs
  • Smooth coffee
  • Great flavor


The main disadvantage is;

  • Each sachet has just a small amount of coffee


10. Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

The world’s strongest coffeeDeath Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

Who wants mild coffee? With everything going on in the fast-paced world, we all need some strong coffee with high caffeine kick to keep us going. That’s doesn’t mean that you have to settle for poor taste—this product gives you a blend of strength and taste. It’s not by chance that this is the world’s strongest coffee. It is indeed!

In just 3 x 4 x 9 inches and weighing a pound, the best coffee beans for espresso crema will teach you the difference between quality and quantity.

If you’re looking for a coffee bean for espresso to help you stay awake, look no further than this. So what makes it so strong? The Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee has double the amount your average best coffee beans for espresso crema has.

The premium coffee beans are carefully selected and professionally roasted to perfection ensuring a strong, dark and smoky beans for a strong smooth brew that will stimulate your body to stay up longer than other coffee beans for espresso. If you want something to make you the hero at home or office, you’ve got to try out the world’s strongest coffee.


  • Strong
  • High caffeine kick
  • Great taste
  • Variety of flavors


  • Addictive.


Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

With these many coffee brands, it can be quite challenging for a coffee consumer to decide which coffee beans will get him/her the quality coffee. To make good coffee you need the skills and knowledge, you also need the right machine. But those are not enough, if your coffee beans are poor your coffee will still be pathetic.

This is where you will need the tips tailored to guide you through choosing the right coffee beans. And I hope these steps will be of great importance to you.

Know the Amount of Caffeine You Need

It is generally held that black roasted beans have higher caffeine content but this is a lie. The lightly roasted beans tend to have the highest level of caffeine content compared to the dark and medium roasted beans. Medium roast is specifically suitable for making espresso. But if you need high caffeine intake, you will better go for light and/or medium roasted beans.

Keep an Eye of the Roasting Date

Coffee is one of the highly perishable products, with time it goes stale. And we have seen a lot of complaints from consumers who didn’t check the roasting dates of the coffee beans they bought. Coffee beans are fresh and good for use, not more than 3 weeks after roasting. Else you will be using a woody, flat, stale and starchy coffee beans.

Capitalize on your preference

There are two majorly categories of commercial coffee beans; the Arabica and Robusta. Arabica type grows in slightly high altitude areas and is a bit acidic but with a smooth taste. Robusta, on the other hand, grows in low altitude areas, has a strong and bitter taste. Knowing what you like will assist you in choosing your favorite coffee beans.

The Processing Methods and Growing Conditions

Of course, growing conditions matter when determining a good coffee bean. Ideal growing conditions like high altitude, cloud cover and shades make quality coffee beans. Cherries picked when ripe and juicy will make good coffee beans. Processing is also key; naturally processed coffee have refined taste while washed coffee tends to be acidic with a floral aroma.

Get Your Beans from a Reliable Roaster

This helps you reduce the chances of getting poor quality. A respected coffee roaster will not compromise on quality. At times you may not get the exact taste you want but at least you are assured of not getting bad coffee beans

Single Origin or Blend

Single origin coffee beans are those which come from the single area and have distinctive flavor while blend is a mix of several single origins. Blends are often heavier and go well with milk. Purists like single origin coffee beans. You can choose depending on what you really want.

In making the choice on the coffee beans, one thing is important; it’s your taste. But we all have varied tastes and when you like a particular type of coffee beans then go for it. Only avoid simple mistakes like overlooking the roasting date because that can really disappoint you.

For more information on Best Coffee Beans for Espresso as well as Coffee Maker, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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