Best 6 Coffee Percolators – Achieve Desired Brew of Coffee

Here we are presenting to you about 6 best coffee percolators. Giving you a classic way to brew, and further giving you insights into why these carefully chosen ones are the best sets of coffee percolators you can get your hands on.

Everyone probably desires a properly made cup of classic coffee. Made from the finest coffee beans and the best set of equipment. No one wants to pay for poorly made coffee drinks. As much as we all crave the best coffee, it’s ideal this review is considered necessary as it solely addresses the issue of getting the best sets of coffee percolators for making our beloved coffee delights.

Coffee Drink

The Coffee Drink Itself

Before fully stepping into the major topic of discussion, there is a need to talk about the benefits of the coffee drink itself in a few words for my distinguished reader. It will help you fully understand why there is ample need to invest in a very good coffee percolator if we want to enjoy the many benefits of the coffee drink.

Coffee has been around for a while dating back to the earliest centuries when it was basically offered as a drink of prestige. And there is even this funny origin of coffee. About it being discovered by goats after shepherds tending to them noticed their livestock went ballistics after feeding on the coffee plant. As they actually became more energetic. Funny right? Most recently, studies show that a properly made coffee drink has many health benefits ranging from protection against type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and even lately Parkinsonism. It improves cognitive functions and further decrease the risk of depression.

Coffee drinks are made by brewing using hot water or in some cases, which of course is less common involving the use of cold water. Using a drip or filter, use of the French press, or a coffee percolator which is the focal point of discussion in this carefully compiled article. In some cases, coffee can be prepared very quickly under pressure using an espresso machine. Have actually done some research on this before but this is a topic for another day.

What is a Percolator?

The percolator is a common household coffee maker, a type of pot used for brewing coffee through the process of continuously cycling boiling or nearly boiling brew type through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached. And after extensive research and painstakingly checking through the hordes of reviews, and taking time to digest every piece of information available, and with me being a coffee aficionado myself, I bring to you a properly compiled list of best coffee percolators in the market and reasons why you should invest few bucks in these materials of high value.

Actually, some individuals think that the use of percolators is outdated. But for many of us we still really do think it is amazing equipment that makes great killer coffee. That perfect drink to help you start your day.Many individuals like their coffee when it is brewed using a percolator. A percolator isn’t actually for everyone that drinks or brews coffee. And as have said earlier, most coffee connoisseurs cherish the taste of the finished coffee from a percolator.

Percolated coffee’s flavor is significantly different form than that which was drip brewed. A technique used by most modern restaurants and general places of relaxation.

Why You Should Get a Coffee Percolator

The few reasons stated above, are also good points to make you consider getting a percolator for brewing your coffee. And in addition to the stated reasons, another major reason why you should get a percolator is SPACE. The device does not take up space at all compared to the drip coffee maker. It allows for the availability of counter space in the kitchen for domestic homes. It also most times doesn’t use a wall outlet. More like a socket or sorts unless you are opting for an electric type.

And for the conventional types, any heat source available can be made use of. In addition, there is also this flexibility that comes with the use of a coffee percolator. When having that special family gathering and preparing stuff outside, you don’t want to start running in and out of the home when you can percolate your coffee right there. Campers prefer the handiness of the coffee percolator as the heat source required for types of it are not expensive or cheap and ready to come by.

Ease of Use

In short, the easy use of coffee percolators is a plus. As properly made coffee can be easily prepared and still brought hot in its original state to its consumer. The percolating process provides more aroma to fully permeate the air around the pot. And for individuals that actually cherish the relaxing smell of coffee during their morning wake up routine, search for the best percolator as it is a fantastic choice. Now enough of all my love for percolated coffee. Below is a list of the best coffee percolators I could come up with it that are presently available for sale at markets around us can even be purchased online. Links to featuring the best percolators with the highest rates are be provided. So, for my internet savvy readers, no worries we got all your preferences on lockdown.

List of The Best Coffee Percolators Available

Enter you’re there is a list of the best and most preferential percolators we could find after extensive research and data gathering. Many factors were considered before this list was compiled, including costs, capacity, heat source, and whether electricity or the stove top type. Even previous consumers and several volunteers who used the product have provided valuable inputs. Several factors affecting their performance were also considered. Factors such as complexity, price, versatility, usability, maintenance, needs, and its overall capacity. Here are the lists of the best coffee percolators available generally and are of optimum quality and in no particular order here…

The aim of this article is to enable you to make realistic choices when trying to purchase a percolator of your own.


One of the major qualities to consider when purchasing a coffee percolator is its capacity. It is important to consider how many people will be drinking the coffee. For example, if you have many people needing a cup of joe, you want to get a bigger capacity coffee maker. Keep this in mind when purchasing a percolator. In that, they do come in various sizes or capacity. Ranging from a 2-4 cup capacity and even up to a 12 cup capacity. But if you use your coffee percolator alone, then a small percolator may just be ideal.


Another factor you should consider when getting your coffee percolator is the PRICE. Percolators are generally not expensive compared to the traditional coffee makers. Basic percolators are even less expensive. The average coffee percolator goes for less than $25 and even the most expensive types are less than $100. So, it’s an ideal product to invest in.

Easy of Usage

In addition to other factors that have been highlighted above, in the use of any household equipment, convenience is a major factor. Pay special attention to certain features such as indicator lights to make the handler properly discern when brewing is done.  And also, spout among others should be paid attention to. Then the ease of how difficult it is to clean should also be considered. So it is highly important to purchase coffee percolators with parts that are dishwasher safe.

Either stove top or Electric

Lastly, a factor to consider when buying this lovely product is whether you prefer a stove top percolator or an electric percolator. The major benefit of the stove top percolator is that it can be placed on the stove, wood stone or any other heat source to brew a very delicious coffee. However, many individuals prefer the electric percolator. As they cherish the convenience of plugging in a percolator and letting it work on its own. Keep in mind that the electric coffee percolator cannot be used in off-grid situations. Situations which does not involve the use of electricity.


You can decide to choose whichever type of material you need. Choose a metal one or a stainless steel one, when looking for a percolator at the top of the pack. As this usually gives the brewer or handler the most durable system of coffee percolators.  Then, if you intend to take the coffee percolator on the road for camping trips or for that dream holiday, consider purchasing the coffee percolator made with enamelware.

Coffee Percolator Types

Before we continue, it is important to discuss the types of percolators generally available, such as the gravity type and the pressure type. It describes the different way by which hot boiling water passes through your beloved coffee grounds. Both of these types make different types of coffee and also have their own advantages.

Gravity Type

It is called the traditional coffee percolator. Actually, the boiling water used for brewing trickles out over the lid of the filter basket which is full of holes.  This allows the water to enter the chamber of grounds evenly. Pay attention while brewing with the gravity percolator to be sure it does not over brew resulting in a coffee drink with an unpleasant flavor.

Pressure Percolator

This is really a misnomer and it should actually be referred to as a MOKA and actually, except in some areas of Europe where their popularity overtook that of percolators which were nearly about 100 years ago. Very few are familiar with this term and many just lump it with percolators. It also resembles the workings of a gravity percolator, but the brewing action is different.

Now to our in-depth analysis of our coffee percolators of choice. As said earlier, these percolators have been carefully chosen keeping many factors into consideration. And so rapt attention to the inciting details we would share is required.

The Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite

This type of coffee percolator is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. And it can make up to 8 cups of excellent coffee drink at a time. Speaking volumes about its capacity. It is easily detachable and easy to clean. And in cases where there are issues with the electric bill or that horrifying storm affects power lines in your vicinity, this device still allows for you to make your delightful coffee drinks. Percolated coffee actually wins anytime, and this pot actually turns the cheapest bargain coffee grounds into a delicacy.

This coffee maker actually has a permanent filter basket so there is no need to use a filter with this percolator. As it has been designed, this specific percolator is dishwasher safe. This makes it easier to clean as mentioned earlier. And in addition, this percolator has a clear knob on top and there are measures in a place built with it so the handler knows when percolating is taking place. In addition, there are several claims it extracts the full flavor of the coffee. And to the best of my experience, I agree with this opinion in its entire entirety.

Below is a summary of points of why we dig this specific type of coffee percolator.

  • There is no need for filters
  • The price is reasonable. It is very pocket-friendly. Economically effective. (budget friendly)
  • As seen, when examining the equipment, the interior design with a coating means to prevent coffee from getting absorbed into the sides of the container. Thus, keeping the taste of the `coffee from seeping into each freshly brewed pot of coffee.
  • The equipment as a whole is easily detachable and can also be easily arranged.
  • The device was built by a company that has been in business for over 100 years. And as mentioned earlier, it is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

Another positive side of this classic coffee percolator is its durability and very stylish design. The entire appearance is more appealing in its polished finish. It has a high capacity than the basic coffee percolator `as it can brew more cups of coffee as mentioned earlier. And there is no need for alarm in the case there are leftovers. As leftovers can reheat and it will not taste either bad or muddy. Overall it is an efficient brand. Check prices on the popular website

Overall, the Farberware classic stainless steel Yosemite is a very good brand that has its brewing straightforward as there are no complex manipulations or whatsoever involved in its usage. Just add water and coffee to brew.

The cons of usage of this type of percolator include;

  •  This particular type of percolator isn’t very versatile, and they basically only make one type of coffee.  As there are no settings to fine tune to properly use this brand of a coffee percolator.
  •  And in cases of the usage of the glass models, they are easy to break when improperly handled. A normal occurrence with materials made with glass. That does not necessarily denote that a prospective buyer should run from them, it is just a fact to keep in mind
  • Then finally, there is no indicator light to indicate when percolation has finished. And it also brews only 8 cups of coffee at a time.

Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Presto 02811coffee maker

This type of coffee percolator is a type that can brew about 12 cups in one sitting. Speaking much volume of its large capacity. Hence making it useful for a large indoor gathering. Especially for individuals who have within their circle a sizeable number of individuals who are lovers of good classic coffee. And except for the base and the handle, it is also easy to clean. An added advantage. This product is actually deemed to possess the most positive aspects out of all the contenders. Its combination of features also displays the very essence or the core value of what coffee lovers actually cherish.

Unlike other coffee percolators, this does not have a plastic anywhere in its make. And analysts think that is why this type makes such pleasurable coffee. This is actually an electric coffee percolator and can help keep away the worries of having to keep one-half asleep or half-awake when percolating a very nice cup of coffee or the idea of staring at the coffee making pot wondering if the coffee is done or not. And sometimes the idea of getting the duration just right.

Solid Construction

This coffee maker is made exclusively of stainless steel and its construction also includes the filter basket and the percolating tube. And that also makes an elegant addition to the array of household materials present. The coffee is made very fast. The coffee maker has a ready light that signals that the coffee is ready for consumption. And despite all these great features, it can be purchased for lower than 60 bucks making it very much cost effective.

Popular Buy

According to research also made on this equipment, when the sales rates were analyzed by measuring its speed of acquiring consumer feedback. It was found out that the brand is a very popular seller with its first ten reviews coming in the first week, and also being that coffee makers aren’t consumables and drop machines are becoming much more popular, this says a lot for this brand of the percolator. As despite the popularity of drip coffee makers in conventional times, the popularity being retained by this brand of coffee percolator speaks volume of the confidence consumers have in the equipment.  The pros and the cons of this brand of coffee percolator are stated below;


  • The right price it possesses
  • The shiny stainless steel which helps to add appeal for the coffee service.
  • The removable power cord which makes it easy to handle and all. Making it versatile, compact and even further adding to its durability.
  • check the presence of an indicator light which is so great as it can easily make the handler know when your coffee drink is done.
  • The reasonable capacity it possesses, making about 12 cups of coffee which are readily made and still kept cold no matter, adds to its usefulness.


  • Not all its parts are solid stainless steel as some aluminum parts were included in its manufacture.
  • And also, as a whole, the equipment is not fully immersible(that is it cannot be readily immersed in any fluid)
  • Then concerning its handling, while making use of it, you can’t pour a cup while brewing but on the whole, this is actually not doable with any other type of percolator.
  • It cannot be programmed to make your delightful cup of coffee while engaging in other chores. Probably searching for the right sized coffee cups or any other related activity.

Hamilton Beach 40614 Twist LID Percolator

Hamilton Beach Percolator

This type of coffee percolator is entirely different from the rest. It is virtually different in both make an appearance. And the first major difference as the name suggests is that it has a twist lid. And the lid is safely and securely attached during the process of percolation. It possesses a strong brand name and it is of classic stainless steel construction, which makes its function two ways. In terms of making it both functional and decorative. It basically resembles a vintage coffee percolator with the inclusion of modern improvements. In using this brand of a coffee percolator, its brew strength can be properly gauged through the lid. And after preparation, the coffee can be easily poured through its holes.

Another big difference between it and other brands is that it is actually made of both plastic and stainless steel.  Another big plus is that it also has a cool touch handle which also stops burns from happening. Furthermore, in addition, it makes use of indicator light and as well as a detachable cord, a no-drip spout, and a heater which keeps your beloved coffee drink warm for a reasonable number of hours before you finally decide to consume. It also has a permanent filter basket. A characteristic shares with other brands of coffee percolators. As it is the norm in all the reviews earlier done, the pros and the cons of this brand of percolator are stated below.


  • Presence of a detachable cord.
  • The ready to use indicator light which informs the handler of when percolation is complete.
  • A heater that keeps the coffee warm,
  • check A secure screw top lid and A cool touch handle as stated earlier


  • The brand received low marks from some volunteers who participated in public survey conduct. For quality concerning the locking of the lid.
  • The fact that parts of it were made of plastic and this usually equates to it being less durable than that which was solidly and completely made of stainless steel.
  • This brand of coffee percolator requires electricity.

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic stainless Coffee Percolator

Cuisinart PRC-12 percolator.

This coffee percolator possesses from small to medium-sized capacity. As it actually has the ability to prepare and serve anywhere between 4-12 cups of coffee when properly handled. A major difference between it and the other coffee percolators mentioned earlier is that it has a stay cool option on its bottom which actually allows for it to be placed on any surface without the worry of it scorching the surface. The percolator also has a detachable cord and the presence of a ready to serve indicator light. And it also has a no-drip spout as well. It also generally requires more maintenance than an automatic drip coffee maker. Though its parts are also easy to clean.


  • It’s possession of the stay cool option.
  • The presence of the no burn knob
  • Ready to serve indicator lights
  • Reasonably budget friendly.
  • Check and its ability to brew up to a maximum of 12 cups of coffee.


  • The only disadvantage that is in the course of extensive research and some individuals problems with the product quality. That is the end product quality. The quality of the overall and fully prepared coffee drink it produces.

The Farberware FCP-240 Coffee Percolator

Farberware FCP240 percolator

This particular brand is actually very good for the occasional coffee drinker. It is a small capacity percolator which does a very great job in a very nice and small package. It has the capacity to brew about 2 and up to 4 cups of coffee at a time, although it is plastic on the outside, it is fully lined with stainless, very compact, goes for a very moderate course and can brew in a maximum time of three(3) minutes.

And in fact, when examining this brand of a coffee percolator and gathering data on it, it was observed that the first thirty(30) consumer feedbacks tallied in just over two(2) weeks maximum.  And in cases where as a consumer you don’t want to waste counter space, with a large drip coffee maker or a pod system, this petite or small unit which is easy to handle is ideal. It stores easily in the kitchen cabinet or any preferred storage.

It has a detachable cord. And as a whole, the device can be cleaned easily. It is effective with a very fast brewing time. But it should be noted that this small capacity coffee percolator cannot be easily immersed in any fluid nor is it dishwasher-safe. And so after brewing, it should be kept in mind that the device should be allowed to cool before cleaning. This percolator also comes with a shiny stainless steel finish which is usually visually appealing when serving coffee. And keep in mind the detachable cord it has for easy servicing and storage. The pros and cons of using this brand and type of coffee percolator are stated below


  • It actually has a very reasonable market price.
  • Speedy brewing time. And it also possesses a cool touch handle and lid.
  • As mentioned earlier, it possesses a detachable power cord for easy storage and service.
  • Check It is known to be easy to clean compared to other types and its small size, its compactness, and all make this possible.


  • It possesses plastic parts.
  • It is actually not as durable as some models
  • And it is more expensive than many manual models
  • Exclamation-triangle A final and important disadvantage is the absence of indicator light to signify the end of brewing time.

GSI Outdoors Enamelware Percolator

GSI outdoors enamelware percolator.

This percolator means to be lightweight, yet it is a heavy duty percolator. And it means to use in camping situations. It’s not an electric type and can be used exclusively on the stove top, open fire source or any other heat source that can be inexpensively assembled. So, it is ideal for that special gathering you have in mind to bond with your loved ones. This type of coffee percolator kiln-hardened twice in a 1400 degree temperature according to its manufacturer indications. And as explained, this is to allow it to withstand extremes of temperature. And this is also a coffee percolator with a classic traditional look.

This enameled percolator comes from the steel GSI OUTDOORS with a classic enamel coating. It protects the brewer and gives it style. This is not the lightest coffee brewer out there in the market. But it is built to last. It is a very durable type of coffee percolator. And this product also produces lots of tasty coffee, and of the highest 8 cups maximum which speaks volume of its moderate capacity. To improve pleasure for your hotel holidaying buddies or camping buddies, this equipment will certainly achieve both objectives.  The pros and cons of the product are also stated below:


  • This product due to its removable stainless steel filter and all makes it easily cleanable.
  • And this product due to the enamelware parts and all makes it seems to be durable.
  • Even heat distribution
  • check to see through resin knob
  • check the product is compact and still lightweight to an extent.


  • The handle is hot when brewing. So, there are certain reservations about its usage.
  • exclamation-triangle  The lid manufactured with it does not always fit lightly.
  • exclamation-triangle Then this is only an 8 cup coffee percolator at best.

In conclusion, coffee percolators are ideal not for everyone. Only those who fully appreciate the essence of well- prepared classic coffee drink.  They basically provide a problem-free way of controlling the mode of coffee brewing, with that many features many of the products reviewed above possesses. The indicator light feature to effectively inform the brewer of when coffee brewing is complete.

The inclusion of the coffee percolator among the household items is a wonderful backup option. Some coffee percolators don’t need electricity. However, I must warn you to be careful when operating the coffee percolator. You will find it convenient and will provide a rich blend of delightful flavored coffee drink that will keep you salivating every day.

Generally, all the review products as said earlier can be purchased easily on the popular website AMAZON. Ideally, note that when using a manual percolator. Some scorching should be expected as manual coffee percolators are essentially used over a heating element. And generally, manual percolators should make stain and scorch resistant. That stainless steel allows for ease of cleaning.  When cleaning, using a mild abrasive helps the unit come clean.

Please Note:

Then on a more final note, start brewing your beloved coffee with cold water. And ensure to never use a paper filter. It helps to preserve the flavor. When working a glass percolator, boil the water first, add the filter basket and coffee, then turn off the burner. Wait for some period of time according to taste. All the facts that have been stated above are just the best tips on how to properly maintain your coffee percolator throughout the period of usage.

Finally Wrapping Thins Up

In all, the major essence of this review that has been written taking into note all the rudiments involved in the workings of the classic coffee percolator is to fully enable you to make informed choices when deciding to purchase a coffee percolator.  The aim is to ensure that everyone who indulges in properly making coffee gets to buy the coffee percolator that suits their needs. Coffee actually seems like a necessity a large group of people. And purchasing the right brewer for it is actually the ideal. Please ensure to properly read and digest all the very important information provided. Cheers to making good coffee using the very best coffee percolator.

Here is our important review and guideline about coffee maker and kitchen appliances

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