10 Best Kona Coffee Brands – In-depth Reviews and Guideline.

Just when you feel you have had enough of flat and low-quality coffee, and you need something different. Something with great flavor, taste, and effect. And so you don’t know where and how to get it. We’ve got you covered.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Kona Coffee, good for you. Coffee which has authentic and incredible flavor.

All these coffee products have a certain uniqueness that makes them stand out. They are not your ordinary coffee. Don’t doubt a product until you taste it but to keep trying out options gives you a chance to bump into what can turn out to be your best.

Best Kona Coffee can be cold-brewed to make the smoother flavor. The mild blend makes a very smooth morning cup that gives you the kick for a day.

Quality coffee is also determined by where it has been grown, the climatic conditions and evening the processing and packaging. That is why Kona coffee is simply best. They have been processed to be compatible with various coffee makers and brewers.

Here, we have tried to provide you with better options for coffee and you can try them out to see what is suitable for your taste and preference. All the 10 best Kona coffee are available on Amazon and are ranked with more than 4 stars. We have tried to compile them plus the roasting type, price and roasting beans.


Beans Type



San Francisco Bay OneCup Kona Blend-36 count


4.3 Out of 5

San Francisco Bay OneCup Kona Blend-80 counts


4.4 Out of 5

Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans- 16 oz

Single Origin Estate- Arabica

4.5 Out of 5

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy

Single Origin Estate

4.2 Out of 5

Hawaiian Gold Kona Whole Bean Coffee

Medium Roast

4.1 Out of 5

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Whole Bean Light Roast

Light Roast

4.0 Out of 5

Café de Loja Specialty Coffee Beans

Medium/Dark Roast

4.5 Out of 5

Westrock Coffee East African Blend 

Best Medium/Dark Roast

4.4 Out of 5

Rare Thailand Paradise Mountain Peaberry Organic Whole Bean Coffee 


4.3 Out of 5

Having gone through the table which acts just but as a checklist, we now provide you with in-depth information on the 10 best Kona Coffee that can lead you to select your favorite. Keep Reading.

1. San Francisco Bay OneCup Kona Blend-36 count

“As one of the best Kona Coffee, San Francisco gives you the flavor you will love at an affordable cost yet not compromising on quality.”

San Francisco Bay OneCup Kona Blend is the appropriate coffee for single-serve brewers. The amazing thing with it is that it’s all most compatible with various single server brewers like Keurig K-cup or Bunn singe server brewers. Which makes it easier to blend.

This Kona coffee is a magical blend, you can try it for mild coffee and make an incredible smooth morning cup. What about cold brew? Yes, you can brew it overnight and make the smoother flavor.

So if you want to start your day with a magical thrill and energy, you need coffee that gives you the kick that will set into the moods. That is where you need the best Kona Coffee. San Francisco Bay OneCup is good for you especially if you have used Peets or Starbucks, you will find this coffee very enjoyable.

And for those who love dark roast decaf coffee, this the best blend that will make you feel great. The style of the dark roast is different from the rest. It’s incredible

The OneCup Coffee Pods comes at a lower cost yet still maintains the quality. It is compatible with most of the single server brewers which makes it easier to brew.

The beans used to make the OneCup Coffee Pod is carefully picked, where only the finest beans are used. They are then properly roasted and that is why it has a quality that makes every sip to have the best flavor and aroma.

The Good

Here are some of the things that made me love the coffee:

  • It has great flavor and taste
  • The cost is lower
  • It is compatible with many single serve brewers
  • Environmentally friendly due to the use of pods rather than plastic

The Bad

What I didn’t so much like with coffee is:

  • It can easily go stale once the pod is open and it is not properly stored

2. San Francisco Bay OneCupKona Blend-80 counts

“Coffee that comes in pods, you open it and a waft of sweet aroma sweeps through your environment. This makes an incredible flavor.”

This Kona blend has all it takes to be one of the best Kona coffee. With a coffee bean that grows in the swelling hills of Hualalai and Mauna Loa of the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s no doubt that it has quality since the climate and altitude of the island is suitable for coffee cultivations.

You definitely need some great thrill in the morning before you start on your day’s errand and not just any coffee can give you the kick.OneCup Kona Blend is the blend that provides you a smooth morning cup with great taste and flavor. This will make you enjoy whatever you are doing.

But again the coffee can be easily brewed. You can do either hot or cold brew. If you cold brew it overnight, you will come up with a smoother flavor.

Talking of brewing, there are many brewing machines out there. Some coffees are not easily compatible with these brewing machines but San Francisco Bay OneCup Kona Blend is the best Kona coffee that is compatible with as many brewing machines as possible. Most Keurig K-Cup brewers and most single serve brewers can be used to brew this coffee. Isn’t that an easy life especially if you already have any of these brewing machines?

Pods used in packaging the coffee are friendly for the environment, unlike the plastic packages. These pods also preserve the coffee so that it doesn’t become stale, lose its flavor and easily be tampered. The coffee has a great aroma that makes every coffee sip a beautiful experience

The Good

Here are some of the positive things about the OneCup Kona Blend

  • Great taste, flavor, and aroma
  • Great quality at lower prices
  • Pods are environmentally friendly
  • No bitter bite

The Bad

Some of the negative things about the product:

  • Sometimes the price keeps fluctuating which makes it difficult for customers

3. Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans- 16 oz

“You need the best? Here is the best coffee grade that has emerged the top in Kona Crown competition 2016. It’s about quality. Itis the only and genuinely 100% pure coffee.”

Made to meet various customer tastes, Kona Gold Rum Company provides the medium and dark roasted 100% pure coffee with fantastic flavor. The dark roasts are simply the best full bodied with the deep earthy aroma. They have a mix of bittersweet tinge that makes you feel the thrill.

How do you start a super morning or have a thoughtful evening without a nice coffee? Kona Gold Whole Beans Coffee gives you the best way to run through your day with great thrill.

But the quality doesn’t just come without meticulous efforts. It all begins from the cultivation where the coffee is grown in a perfect environment with the microclimate of Big Island in Kona district which is suitable for coffee growth.

But you also get a full city roast both for the medium and dark roast which has a combination of crisp, fruity blend with creamy traces of molasses and brown sugar. This makes a fantastic cup that you will eternally get hooked to.

The Kona Gold Whole Coffee beans enjoy the Extra Fancy rating by Hawaii Agricultural society since it has the appropriate size, shape, moisture content and low defect ration of beans.

The beans are from independently cultivated farms where they are purely coffee plantations. However, grown in the shades of Macadamia nut and Ohia trees, the Arabica coffee beans still produces exceptionally rich coffee.

The Good

Here are some of the positive things I found about Kona Gold Coffee:

  • Incredible flavor
  • Very pure -100%
  • Not bitter and no acid taste

The Bad

Some of the disadvantages of the coffee include:

  • Dark roast is very strong and one must ensure he/she makes the right blend before use

4. Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy

“If you like nutty and earth tasting coffee and you have been on the look, the Hawaiian Kona Coffee is here to give you the restful pleasure to enjoy what you love.”

The first thing you will love about this coffee is the package. Love at first sight. Because it is packed in a beautiful sachet and with a simple name making it very easy to identify.

Good coffee must have authentic and refined taste. It must make a favorable drink for the user and must be easy to brew. This is what makes Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy Coffee be one of the best.

Whole and freshly roasted beans tend to make best-brewed coffee. I don’t know about your taste but the freshly roasted beans just work so well and Hawaiian Kona Coffee gives just what one needs when it comes to brewing delicious coffee.

Some coffees are so plain, with a single flat taste and flavor. Best Kona coffee has an incredible flavor with a wide variety of tastes. This is due to great richness from the addition of other flavors. Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy coffee has the buttery richness with nutty cinnamon complimented with tones of cloves.

The aroma is out of this world which makes every sip fantastic and thrilling. The blend makes a smooth body which can serve as your favorite morning drink.

You can have your dark roasted full body beans to brew a strong and bitter drink. But medium roasted whole beans have the true flavor that makes a remarkable taste.

Coffee beans make incredible brews when consumed while still fresh. The Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy coffee is fresh roasted and packed immediately and sealed to preserve the freshness.

The Good

Some of the positive aspects of the product that makes it one of the best Kona Coffee include:

  • Freshness which makes it brew delicious coffee
  • It has a great and remarkable aroma
  • Greatly flavored to improve the taste
  • Naturally processed

The Bad

The negative sides of the product include:

  • It has a tinge of acidity which some people may not like

5. Hawaiian Gold Kona Whole Bean Coffee

“Grown in paradise but enjoyed by the world, the best Kona coffee with good flavor profile, Hawaiian Gold Kona Whole Bean Coffee is a truly fine coffee. Delicious meets the price.”

Whole Bean coffee tend to behave all its nutritional value intact which in turn makes the coffee brewed deliciously. The coffee, when taken in the morning, gives you the best mood to kick start your day and meet all the long queue of activities with zeal and zest.

Independently brewed coffee is good because you make what you want. But for you to brew coffee with remarkable taste and effect you must get the right coffee roast, coffee which was well cultivated and properly picked.

Hawaiian Gold Kona Whole Bean Coffee makes one of the best 10 Kona Coffee because it has a reputation of more than 25 years of excellent brewing. The coffee beans are cultivated in the right altitude and climatic conditions.

Then harvesting is done by handpicking where only the best beans are selected. This results in a coffee blend with a low ratio of defect beans, entirely pure. It is then roasted through a good expertise process, leading to a product with great quality, remarkable taste, and sweet aroma.

The coffee has the appropriate amount of caffeine that will not predispose the user to health hazards. Even those who are lactose intolerant find the coffee very delicious. It doesn’t stir up allergic reactions.

Well, packed dark roasted Hawaiian Gold Kona Whole Bean Coffee is strong though moderate, it’s full-bodied and appropriate for the lovers of strong drinks. The acid level is considered commendable.

The prices are lower but the value and flavor is consistently high. Medium roast gives the deliciously smooth and mild blend to jump-start your morning with the kick.

The Good

Some of the positive aspects of this best Kona Coffee include:

  • Delicious with great taste
  • Consistent in quality
  • Great aroma
  • Not acidic
  • Low price

The Bad

Some of the negative aspects of the product include:

  • It requires a little more quantity per cup to get the desired taste.

6. Hawaiian Kona Coffee Whole Bean Light Roast

The Hawaiian Kona Coffee Whole Bean Light Roast makes a light roast mulvadiKona coffee full of flavor; you’ll always look forward to the next mug. This 1lb sachet of light roast Kona Coffee is the best pick if you want to stay awake overnight at home or at work. Landor Trading Company roast and process the 100% organic Hawaiian Kona bean.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee whole beam light roast is the best Kona coffee on a budget. If you want something cheap and strong, don’t look further than this. Landor Trading Company has developed a brand around the cheapest organic, pure Kona Coffee beans on Amazon.

For best taste, grind and brew within hours after opening the packet.

Even though the price is low, that doesn’t mean that the fresh and deeply satisfying taste is compromised. This MulvadiKona coffee gives one of the most satisfying smooth flavors Kona Coffee Brews you may ever taste.

The Good

Some of the positive aspects of this best Kona Coffee include:

  • Smooth tasty flavor
  • 100% pure Kona Coffee
  • Affordable
  • Strong packaging

The Bad

  • No blends; perfect for pure coffee lovers.

7. Café de Loja Specialty Coffee Beans Medium/Dark Roast

Café de Loja Kona green coffee bean is made of 100% pure premium coffee. The 9.4 by 3.8 by 5.7 inches sachet contains100% pure high altitude Arabica coffee beans of medium to dark roast. The beans grow in volcanic farms of the high altitude mountains of Ecuador. The beans are 100% pure meaning they are not blended with anything. They are also fully natural hard coffee beans, no GMO.

People love high altitude coffee for a reason; quality. The coffee trees grow in rich volcanic soils producing the top-notch quality berries. The beans are hand-picked, carefully sorted to get rid of any substandard beans or cherries, and the rest dried under controlled temperatures. Café de Loja dries their beans and presents them for roasting to certified coffee roasters who roast them to medium and dark roasts. They are then packed, branded and readied for sale.

The Café de Loja Kona green coffee comes in a 9.4 by 3.8 by 5.7 inches packet weighing 2 pounds. Just two teaspoons of ground beans are sufficient for six fluid ounces of deeply satisfying tasty medium or dark coffee.

For a perfect brew; grind the beans to a smooth texture. Fine ground beans give the strongest coffee. Also, be keen on timing when brewing the coffee. Over boiling the brew leads to over-extraction of the coffee which results in a bitter brew.

Just in case you didn’t know; Café de Loja Specialty coffee beans is an award-winning brand. Every year, Taza Dorada holds a coffee competition in Ecuador. Café de Loja’s green Kona Coffee beans have won the competition a record six times and have been among the top three brands in all TazaDOrada competitions over the years.

The Good

  • 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • Stays fresh long after grinding
  • Affordable
  • No GMO
  • You choose between Medium/dark roasts

The Bad

  • No added flavors

8. Westrock Coffee East African Blend Best Medium-Dark Roast

Westrock is a renowned East African Coffee processing company. The Westrock Kona Coffee is a medium to dark citrus coffee beans blended to a satisfying taste. If you thirst for some carefully sourced high-quality Arabica coffee beans, this would be a perfect pick. The Kona Coffee has a sweet thick coffee taste sweeten with chestnuts and rich dairy milk chocolate.

Westrock Coffee processing company has invested in creating the best Gourmet coffee in the whole of Africa. They teach and monitor how their coffee farmers tend to their coffee plants, what minerals the farmers add to the farmland soils, how the coffee is picked, roasted and ground. The company is driven by an urge to bring about improvements in the life of coffee farmers while ensuring uncompromised quality coffee products for customers.

After picking the coffee beans, the company has experienced employees who carefully separate cherry from top grade coffee beans to ensure that only quality beans are processed for sale. Beans are then roasted to a medium or dark roast by experienced cuppers.

The roasted beans are taken through a wet mill which ensures that the natural flavors and taste of the East African Arabica coffee is not lost. The ground beans are them mixed with flavors to bring a deeply satisfying coffee blend.

The Good

  • 100% Arabica Coffee beans
  • Blended with different flavors for a taste
  • Great aroma
  • Fresh

The Bad

  • Thin feel

9. Rare Thailand Paradise Mountain Peaberry OrganicWhole Bean Coffee

“Best new coffee of the year”

ThePeaberry coffee from Thailand’s paradise mountain certified organic whole bean coffee is one of the best Kona Coffee. It is amazing and unique. This Kona coffee is the perfect definition of coffee roasted to perfection; it’s blissful and smooth.

If you have tried many Peaberry from all over the world and still didn’t derive the satisfaction, this will give you the deeply satisfying taste and flavor. The aroma, texture, taste and after taste are just what your conventional coffee should have.

The Peaberry coffee from Thailand’s paradise mountain is the best pick for a coffee addict. Here’s why:

First, it’s not over roasted. Over roasting of coffee leads to coffee brews with a bitter taste and a nauseating burnt coffee smell. That’s not the case with this. Second; it is not over acidic. Excess acidity causes stomach upsets. This is worth every coin and actually reasonably priced; it’s relatively less costly compared to Peaberry coffee from other parts of the world.

In regards to the freshness of the coffee, the Peaberry coffee from Thailand’s paradise mountain is hand selected from a fertile Chiang Mai farm in Thailand. The Arabica beans are rich in tasty citrus and caffeine. It’s your late night coffee. The beans are roasted in batches of traditional drum roasters in high altitudes to ensure consistency, freshness, and thickness that reflects everything about Thailand’s paradise mountains.

The Good

  • Nice aroma
  • Not acidic
  • Not Bitter
  • Balanced Kona coffee
  • First class coffee

The Bad

  • Addictive

10. Cafe Don Pablo Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated – Medium-Dark Roast

“Tastes like the real thing without the caffeine!”

The Café Don Pablo coffee company has been around for close to three decades now. But that’s not why they make it to this Best Kona Coffee list. Their coffee has earned its spot on this list. The delicious medium and dark gourmet coffee are renowned for its Mild, sweetened, rich and smooth taste with very low acidity.

This brand appeals to coffee lovers out there who don’t like their brew too strong yet sweet, smooth and delicious. The most outstanding attribute of the Café Don Pablo Coffee is the fact that it’s decaffeinated.

The coffee is naturally rid of its caffeine content using a very creative Swiss Water Process method leading to coffee beans with close to zero caffeine. The coffee beans strike perfect tasting citrus notes, tasty acidity, walnut sweetener, and some chocolate for a nice after taste.

If you want some mild coffee, caffeine-free but with that great natural taste, don’t look further than this.

The Good

  • Sweet natural taste
  • Medium/ dark roast
  • Affordable
  • Caffeine free
  • Sweetened

The Bad

  • Caffeine free

Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

We all in our own worlds have our own tastes and preferences for coffee. There are many coffee brands in our markets but knowing which one can meet your taste and give you a great flavor can be a challenge. However, you have the power of choice which you must use wisely. This is why in this article I provide you with the step to step tips that will land you on a suitable coffee beans.

1. Your Taste is Your Master

All these efforts you are investing because you want something that satisfies your taste that is all. All of us have different tastes so don’t let someone dictate for you what is suitable for you. To get the best coffee beans, know what tastes great for you and just go for that. In the meantime, if you haven’t settled on a specific type of coffee then consider juggling around until you get the one that meets your taste.

2. Know the Amount of Caffeine You Need.

Various coffee beans have varied content of caffeine. There are those who cannot consume too much caffeine while there are those who have no problems with high caffeine content. It will be disgraceful for you to buy coffee with high caffeine content yet your body cannot keep up to it. Therefore, know your caffeine recommended amount. Generally, light and medium roasted coffee beans have high caffeine content.

3. Don’t Ignore the Roasting Date

There are many customers who bought their packets of roasted coffee beans, went to brew coffee only to meet with disappointment. The coffee tasted stale, flat and boring. This is because they ignore to check the roasting date. Coffee beans make sweet and flavored coffee when they are fresh, within 3 weeks after roasting. After this period, it begins to lose its freshness hence its flavor.

4. Do you Love Single Origin or Blend?

Single origin types of coffee beans are mostly cultivated independently and have distinctive taste and flavor while blend is a mix of several single origin coffee beans. While purist love single origin, they have not tasted blend. Blends are heavier and do well with milk. However, the choice is yours.

5. Pay Attention to Details

There are common coffee beans packages labeled 100% Arabica while in most cases, it’s not true. You must, therefore, pay attention to the details and check the varietal components of the coffee beans. Until you gain enough knowledge about coffee beans. You will easily be misled by some of those labels because such labels are only meant to attract buyers.

6. Maintain Your Reliable Roaster

Once you get a professional coffee beans roaster, one who is reliable and trustworthy, keep him/her. Moving from one roaster to another may at times disappoint you. Your constant and respected coffee roaster will neither compromise on quality nor deceive you with misinforming labels. With trust, you can always get what is best for you.


With these tips in mind, you can juggle across the various types of coffee beans available in the market. Never forget that you are out to get something that gives you the best taste, ensure you get exactly that. There are many quality coffee beans in the market. These coffee beans can be used to brew coffee with remarkable flavor and great aroma. Just avoid mistakes like ignoring to countercheck the roasting date. Know what you want and go for it.

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