For a very long time, people have been using glass carafe coffee makers. These types of coffee makers are still quite popular since people still enjoy seeing their coffee brew. However, there is a new type of coffee maker on the market, that is slowly gaining popularity, and this is the thermal carafe coffee maker. The latter type is made out of an opaque, vacuum insulated stainless steel and comes with a closed lid.

Even though you will not get to enjoy seeing your coffee brew, the closed lid on the thermal carafe coffee maker slows down the evaporation process. This keeps your coffee hot, with its rich flavor, for a much longer period of time. If you are not the kind of person that wants to rush through drinking your coffee, this is the type of coffee maker to buy.

A thermal carafe coffee maker will keep your coffee hot for hours, without compromising on its flavor. With a glass carafe coffee maker, you leave your coffee on a warming plate and the intense heat might end up burning the coffee, which eventually destroys its flavor and taste.  

This type of coffee machine is great to use in an area where people enjoy sipping on their hot coffee from time to time, without worrying about the tart or bitter taste of coffee that has been sitting on the warming plate for hours.

Thermal carafe coffee makers also come in a rugged design which makes them more durable and therefore able to serve the user for years. Their brushed stainless steel exteriors give them a great style that adds great value in any household where they are used.

Most of them come with additional features that are very handy. These are for instance an automatic shutoff, an inbuilt grinder and other programmable settings. This means that the machines can be set before time to start brewing coffee at the time it is needed, say in the morning. Some come with a steam wand, particularly for people who love milk in their coffee. A buyer has to consider the features that will be more useful to him before buying one.

The best thermal carafe coffee maker

A perfect cup of coffee has become a norm in the country today and coffee maker manufacturers are doing their best to ensure that home users have the best of them to enjoy the finest cup of coffee every time there is need. This has left us with many brands of thermal carafe coffee makers on the market. While all of them will give you a cup of coffee whenever you need one, there are those that work much easier, those that produce the finest coffee and those that will serve you for a longer time among other things. That is why we are reviewing the best thermal carafe coffee maker to help you make the best choice:


NINJA Coffee Bar Brewer, Thermal Carafe (CF086)

If you are looking for a coffee maker that will allow you to brew your coffee in more than one way, this is it. With it, you should be able to enjoy all your favorite coffee flavors at a much reasonable price. 

First of all, this is a product of a company that is popular for its feature-rich kitchen blenders, all at reasonable prices. This is one of the best thermal carafe coffee maker that features a ton of very useful modes to allow users to brew their favorite coffee at any given time. You also get to enjoy the flexibility of the product handling different drink sizes at a flip of a switch.

The coffee maker has been molded from black plastic that is decorated with ridges, curves and highlights that have been embossed in a thin stainless steel. This gives it a mass-market feel and a busy aesthetic that will add great value to your home.

The coffee bar is large; measuring 14.75 inches in length, 9.5 inches in width and 8.75 inches in depth. 

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

It may eat a lot of kitchen counter top space but this is a non-issue for a person who wants to brew lots of coffee at once for the entire family or staff. On its left side will be its big filter basket, which only uses standard no.4 cone paper filters. Below the filter basket is its glass carafe, which rests on a circular plate.

On its right side is its cylindrical water tank, which is beautifully sculpted from a clear plastic and equipped with indented handholds with unique horizontal ridges. These are what make the coffee maker’s removable reservoir easy to grip too.  You just twist the tank counterclockwise to release it from the coffee maker. Reverse the motion to lock it in place.

There is a half-circle lid on top of the reservoir that flips open to reveal a spacious opening to allow easy filling.

Below the tank is the coffee maker’s long control panel. Here, you will get a digital clock and controls that helps operate the programmable brewing functions of the Coffee Bar. The panel has buttons too, which users can dial in order to select multiple styles of drip coffee making. There are settings to adjust coffee brewing to your preferred size, depending on the coffee container you intend to use.

The coffee maker features a very useful ‘drip stop’ light too, which will illuminate when you turn over a matching switch on the filter basket.


  • This is a super flexible coffee brewer featuring a number of brewing modes that have been designed to suit personal tastes and styles of different coffee lovers. If for instance you hit a classic brew, the machine will give you a beverage that is smooth and with a balanced flavor. A rich brew on the other hand will be richer in flavor but still very smooth.
  • Its flexibility allows it to control the amount of water it uses in any brewing mode the user activates. There is an outstanding knob at the center of the control panel which allows users to choose between four settings of coffee volumes.
  • With it, you get to enjoy many ways of brewing the finest coffee in various container sizes at the best price. Its price is difficult to match with its features and capabilities.


  • The coffee maker is made of a lightweight plastic that feels really cheap. Its competitors are made from luxurious materials such as blown glass, metal and wood, which make them more attractive and durable. This is not something that can be said about the Coffee Bar. Its unbeatable price makes up for its shortcomings though.


This is a 10-cup coffeemaker that features an inbuilt conical burr grinder and stainless steel carafe. It is one of the best thermal coffee makers on the market today. The machine automatically grinds fresh whole coffee beans immediately before brewing the coffee. This is very important as it helps preserve the most flavors from the coffee. 

Capresso 465 Coffee Team

This coffee maker is the most compact and convenient coffee maker with a grinder combination, you will get in the market today. The conical burr grinder and the machine’s direct-feed technology are what give the coffee maker its compact, space-saving design. The Coffee Team TS also features a stainless steel thermal carafe that is able to keep your brew hot and fresh for hours.

This coffee maker uses the same type of solid steel conical burr that you will see in a high-end automatic coffee center. The slow grinding of its burrs conveys the least amount of heat, which preserves more aroma the blade grinding. This also allows for a much finer, more uniform grind.

The machine will let you program the amount of coffee you want to grind at any given time. You can choose among numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 of cups. You are also able to choose among mild, regular and strong coffees. Its coffee filter remains inside the coffee maker during the grinding, time. It therefore helps preserve the aroma and well as reduce unnecessary mechanical movements.

Its stainless steel thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot and fresh for hours.


  • The coffee maker is large enough to produce up to 10 cups of freshly brewed coffee. Its inbuilt conical burr grinder will freshly grind whole coffee beans into the filter, to give you a cup of coffee that is rich in flavor.
  • It comes with a stainless steel thermal carafe that is not only large enough to hold up to ten cups of coffee but also keep the coffee hot for hours. You do not have to keep reheating your coffee which ends up messing up with the beautiful aroma and taste of your brew.
  • The machine features a permanent GoldTone filter that is very easy to use and keep clean. This si also very convenient to use.
  • You get to use its 24-hour programmable clock and timer, which features an easy-to-read LCD display. It shows time, grind and the strength settings. The coffeemaker features five fineness settings too, for light and dark beans. These settings will allow the user to adjust the grinder to their preferred taste. A darker or oilier bean will for instance be achieved by a coarser setting.
  • The coffee machine has a large bean container that can hold up to 6 ounces of coffee beans, which are able to produce up to 20 cups of brewed coffee before refilling.
  • You also get a detachable see-through cover that allows you to check the flow of the ground coffee. This makes it very easy to clean the grinder channel.
  • The machine’s charcoal water filter will remove up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities, leaving you with a much safer coffee to enjoy.


  • The burr grinding process may be great and consistent but it takes a long time to brew the coffee. The machine is very noisy too, ad can be disturbing especially in an office setting.
  • The coffee maker does not have a means to dispose off the unused coffee beans in case you want to change your blends to other coffee beans.

Bunn BT Velocity Brew Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer 

Are you looking for a sold automatic drip coffee maker? This is an amazing choice, one of the best thermal carafe coffee maker, as it uses a brewing technology that has been perfected for over 40 years. The machine features a very unique reservoir-style unit that is able to brew up to 10 cups of coffee in under 3 minutes. It will also keep hot water available for any other use you might have, for instance making tea. 

The coffee maker is constructed from commercially-rated materials and features stainless steel accents. It comes complete with an internal stainless steel water tank and a stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe.

The machine is all about a fast brew. If you want your coffee right away, you will have 10 cups of coffee at less than 3 minutes! This is a perfect choice for a household of heavy coffee drinkers or for the office.

To start this off, the Bunn BT velocity Brew is a very simple machine. It does not have any fancy features that other brands are popular for. It for instance doesn’t have a brew pause, it lacks a timer, and there is no clock and lastly, no switch. It however makes good and hot coffee very fast.

Bunn Bt Velocity Brew

You only need to close its lid to start brewing. This might seem strange but as soon as its water reservoir lid is closed, the machine begins its brewing process. Since there is no switch of any kind, you are good to go with that. This is however good and bad at the same time. It is good in that you experience no delays with the coffee maker especially if you need your coffee immediately. The bad is that the coffee might start brewing even if there is no carafe in place. This might result to a disastrous mess especially if you are not familiar with its operation.

Nevertheless, the quality of your coffee will be great, and the coffee will remain hot for a longer time. The coffee maker is of great quality too. It has been built quite solidly, with plenty of stainless steel in the mix. Above all, it comes with a three year warranty, which is a great thing.

In addition to that, the machine is pretty easy to use, just like all other automatic drip coffee makers. There is not much process involved when one is brewing coffee with the Bunn BT Velocity Brew. You just need to add some water to the reservoir, fill the filter basket with coffee grounds, close the lid and you are set to go.


  • The machine can give you between 4 and 10 cups of coffee in under 3 minutes. This makes it great for someone who values a speedy brew.
  • It comes with a double wall, vacuum insulated thermal carafe that is able to keep your coffee arm for up to 2 hours. The double wall carafe design gives the machine durability and makes it safe for dishwashing.
  • The machine has a unique sprayhead that ensures an even, complete coffee flavor extraction.
  • The coffee maker has an internal stainless steel hot water tank that is able to keep water heated to maximum brewing temperature of about 200 degrees. Even after brewing, the hot water will remain there for your tea and any other need you might have.
  • The machine is very easy to keep clean. It comes with a cleaning rod, to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned from time to time.


  • Bunn coffee makers are usually not cheap. You might end up spending more than you could on a similar machine.
  • Many previous users have complained about its leaking carafe. This can be frustrating because one is not able to pour out coffee without making a mess.
  • There is an issue about overflowing filters too especially for those who use finely ground or decaffeinated coffee. Ensure that you are not using the finest coffee and that you are using Bunn filters to avoid facing this problem.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Programmable Thermal Brewer

This is a 12-cup programmable thermal coffeemaker that is able to brew rich and flavored coffee. The machine is also able to keep the coffee fresh and hot for hours in its double walled stainless steel thermal carafe. The machine integrates the company’s patented brew through-pour through lid, which helps keep air out and the flavor fresh for that perfect cup of coffee. It has 24-hour program ability, an auto shutoff, and a brew pause, which allows for mid-cycle pouring. This ensures that a great cup of coffee is always waiting for you.

Its 24-hour program ability allows the user to choose when to brew. The unit will automatically shut off and has an audible beep when the brew cycle is completed. Its convenient brew pause is an amazing feature that will let you enjoy a cup of coffee in between the brewing cycle. The machine has an easy to read water level indicator too, which takes the guesswork out of measuring.

The coffee maker has a large capacity thermal carafe that is able to hold up to 12 cups of coffee. This makes it perfect for a household of coffee lovers or an office. The thermal carafe can keep your coffee hot and fresh for hours.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN

Enjoy the brew-through/pour-through lid as it ensures that you brew your coffee in and pour it out of the carafe without opening or even adjusting it. This is what keeps coffee hot and with the best flavor for hours.  Always ensure that the carafe lid is on correctly.

The machine’s reservoir cover can be lift simply in order to fill in water, close it once water has been added. Its filter basket is able to swing open for easy insertion of coffee filters. Only use one paper filter at a time or a gold tone filter and not both.

Other features include a water window, with magnified markings. This indicates the amount of water needed to make corresponding cups of coffee. In order to prevent an overflow, ensure that you only fill water up to the 12-cup mark. There is a brew pause too, which helps stop the flow of water from the basket when the carafe is removed from the heater plate. You can quickly pour yourself a cup of coffee during the brewing process.

Its auto-brew cycle should be used to program the time to brew and an on indicator light illuminates when the power is on. In order to prevent an overflow, ensure that the coffee you are using is not too fine.


  • This is a fully automatic coffeemaker that comes with 24-hour programmability. You can therefore set it to brew your coffee any time of the day or night.
  • It comes with a double-wall insulated stainless steel carafe that not only keeps your coffee hot for hours but also holds up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • The machine is pretty easy to use. You get a free instruction booklet upon its purchase. You also get a simple and easy to use programmable auto-brew functionality that leaves you with nothing much to do than wait for your finest cup of coffee.
  • Its easy to read water level indicator makes the work pretty easy since you do not have to measure the amount of water for the number of coffee cups you intend to brew.
  • Its filler container has an easy to read measuring line too. This makes filling it to the desired level very easy and convenient.
  • The coffeemaker’s stainless steel carafe will ensure that your coffee is hot and ready to drink even 3 hours after brewing.
  • The machine is solidly constructed, which makes it durable and machine-washable. The carafe has an overall great look and feel too.


  • The coffee maker might be too slow in brewing. It takes between 15-20 minutes to brew a full pot which might be a long time for an impatient coffee lover.
  •  The machine does not include a filter basket. You have to purchase one after buying the coffeemaker.

Zojirushi EC-YSC100  Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

The Zojirushi EC-YSC100 is quite similar to most of the coffeemakers on the market today, but it has something unique which makes it one of the best thermal carafe coffee makers around. With it, you get a complete coffee station with a brewing, thermal service, easy refill and maintenance features. This is everything that any household would want in a coffee machine. The machine comes in a black rectangular box design, with a few stainless-steel parts of interest. It stands at 15 inches tall and measures 10.5 inches in width and 7.75 inches in depth. This makes it an average size when compared to many similar designs. 

In that size, the machine will occupy more of your kitchen countertop space than a more compact design. The machine is equipped with a removable water tank. This handy container has a detachable lid too. This design makes it easy to use, allowing users a hassle-free filling at the sink or even directly on your countertop. The tank has a square flat bottom which gives it more stability during refilling. The tank can hold a maximum of 10 coffee cups, which is an equivalent of 1.5 liters of water when measured out.

Zojirushi Ec-Ysc100

The coffee maker uses standard flat bottom paper filters in basket style. Brewed coffee will then drip down into its great looking stainless steel thermal carafe which sits below the filters. There is a spring-loaded valve mechanism that sits between the filter basket and the carafe. This valve will help prevent any leaks and drips whenever you remove the carafe. The system is designed to work perfectly even during the brewing process. You just need to ensure that you put the carafe back quickly during the brewing cycle so that the basket will not overflow.

The carafe has a thumb-activated pour button that is located on its handle. This makes pouring the coffee easy and with minimum mess or spillage. The button allows poring of coffee without opening the carafe lid, which keeps the coffee hot and flavored for much longer.

The machine features very simple to use controls, which makes operating it pretty easy. There is the machine’s push-button panel located on the left side of the carafe. The panel has four oversize keys, two of which are more important. These are the Start and the Cancel keys. The Start key will kick off the brew cycle and the Cancel key will reset the machine for the next batch. Below the Start and Cancel keys are the Timer and Time Setting keys, which schedule the brewing ahead of time.


  • This is the best coffee machine to help you brew flavored coffee easily. The machine brews coffee at an optimal temperature of 200 degrees F, which ensures superior flavor extraction.
  • The machine comes with a vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe which can keep the brewed coffee hot for hours. This eliminates the need to reheat the coffee, which leaves your coffee without the burnt flavor.
  • The carafe has a large capacity of up to 10 coffee cups. This makes it great to use in a household full of coffee lovers or even in an office setting. It is also great for a household where coffee is on high demand since hot, freshly brewed coffee will be available for hours. Its carafe is also custom designed, with a great look and feel. You will love its tapered design, with a thumb-activated pouring which makes serving smooth and easy.It’s a convenient carafe can be taken anywhere for serving.
  • With this coffee maker, you get a removable water tank, which is pretty easy to refill from your source of fresh water.
  • The machine has an automated clean cycle which makes cleaning easy and quick and guarantees fresh tasting coffee all the time.


  • The brewing cycle takes a long time. The machine takes about 5 minutes to get to the 200 degree F mark. This is a much longer time when compared to similar machines and might cause great delay for anyone that is a hurry to enjoy his cup of coffee.
  • The coffee brewed is usually very bitter and close to the undrinkable state.

Final Thought

A morning coffee is a great thing in any household or office. Everyone who loves to enjoy their morning coffee deserves a great treat tough, which is why your choice of coffee machine should be the best. This is what will guarantee you the finest cup of coffee. Selecting your best coffeemaker is therefore very important.

The first thing you should think about when choosing the best thermal carafe coffee maker is how you like your coffee to taste. The last thing you want is to buy a coffee machine that will brew your coffee dull and bitter. You also need to think about the quantities of coffee you want to brew at once. This ensures that you save time especially if there are many people waiting for the brew. Consider the amount of effort you want to put into that brew. In this case, an automated machine will work best, as there is little or no effort required for one to enjoy the best brew. Lastly, think of the length of time y0u need your coffee to remain hot.

All these and many other considerations will give you the best thermal carafe coffee maker.

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