BUNN Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews


When reading Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews, the first question that pops into your mind might be “Why would I want just a single cup of coffee?” Well, there are many answers to the question.

When reading Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews, the first question that pops into your mind might be “Why would I want just a single cup of coffee?” Well, there are many answers to the question.


Let’s start with fresh coffee.

If you drink a lot of coffee, you probably like to have a large pot of brewed coffee ready for consumption. However, the longer coffee sits, the stronger it gets in both taste and smell. As Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews prove, brewing one cup coffee at a time ensures optimal freshness. In addition, a single cup coffee maker bridges the time gap between when you wake up to a blaring alarm clock and when you arrive at the office where multiple coffee makers are ready to pour into a mug.

Let’s dig deeper for the benefits of single cup coffee makers before we analyze the thousands of Bunn single cup coffee reviews uploaded to sites such as Amazon.


The Benefits of Single Cup Coffee Makers

BUNN My Cafe MCO Single Serve

When considering the purchase of a single cup coffee maker, you have to first decide on which type meets your coffee consumption criteria.

Here are the three primary types of single cup coffee makers:

  • Pod
  • K-cup
  • Traditional grind

Each type of single cup coffee maker offers unique benefits. For Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews, we examine the benefits that apply to every type of coffee machine that produces one cup of delicious java.



Busy professionals do not have the time to wait for the brewing of a full pot of coffee. With pods and k-cup single serve coffee makers, all you have to do is grab the coffee and place it into the coffee machine to start the brewing process.



You do not have to be a coffee snob to realize that brewing a single cup of coffee simply tastes better. Yes, freshness matters, as we have already pointed out, but fewer coffee grinds percolating through a coffee machine also means more concentrated flavor. Many Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews point to flavor for choosing the early morning wake up call.


Drinking Less Coffee

You have seen the studies that link higher blood pressure rates with increased caffeinated coffee consumption. By brewing a single serve at a time, you put less caffeine into your system and thus, help maintain blood pressure readings within the range requested by your doctor.


Everyone Gets What They Want

Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews consistently emphasize the customization benefit of using a single serve machine. At home, everyone gets to enjoy their favorite blend of Joe, while at work, your professional peers do not have to drive to a coffee store to enjoy their favorite blend of freshly brewed java.


Features to Consider Before Buying a Single Cup Coffee Maker



Whether you purchase a single or multiple cup coffee maker, you have to decide what features matter most for you. Consumers that shop for coffee machines must prioritize the features they want, which starts with finding the right coffee maker that offers the best value.


The Price is Right

Price for single serves coffee machines cover two factors. First, you have to consider the retail price of the machine. K-cups offer the cheapest single cup option, while pods sit at the high end of the coffee price range. Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews frequently mention high price when evaluating overall performance. Second, you have to consider the cost of refilling single serve coffee machines.


Brewing Time

One of the advantages of purchasing a one cup coffee machine is the fast brewing time. However, as Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews confirm, not all single serve machine brewing times are the same. If you typically brew a cup of Joe on the run, you want a machine that gets the job done in under 60 seconds.


Water Temperature

Single serve coffee makers provide consumers with different water temperature options. This is an important feature for coffee lovers that prefer cooler than average drinking temperatures. Although the best temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 202 degrees Fahrenheit, you might want your one cup of coffee in the morning to fall either above or below the standard brewing temperature threshold.


Timed to Please

How would it feel if you woke up in the morning to the scent of a freshly brewed single cup of your favorite coffee blend? The answer is ecstatic for busy professionals that need to grab a cup of Joe on the run. Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews frequently mention the value of having a timer feature built into a coffee machine.


Size Matters

If the only space you have to place a coffee machine beneath a cupboard, you want to make sure you buy a smaller version of a single cup coffee maker. Remember that brewing a single cup of java does not mean the machine you use is relatively small. Size involves factoring the amount of room you have for the width and height of a single cup coffee machine.


Brewing Flexibility

A growing number of coffee machine manufacturers are including options for brewing other hot beverages other than coffee. If you enjoy hot tea after a nice meal or hot chocolate when Old Man Winter arrives in town, a single cup coffee maker that comes with the capability to brew other hot beverages might be the option that seals the deal.


Features of BUNN Single ServeMultiple Brew Strength Options

Coffee lover that enjoy sipping certain stronger brands should consider a single serve machine that offers a multiple brew strength feature. Such a feature can be customized by a few single cup machine manufacturers, but remember that multiple brewing strength means you need larger water storage is to brew a single cup of coffee. A larger water storage area translates into a larger machine, which does not work for coffee aficionados that have limited space to set up a single serve coffee maker.


Detachable Water Storage Area

Although it is convenient to have a large storage reservoir, it is more important to buy a single serve machine that detaches from the base. Not only do you not want to add water for every cup of Joe, but you also want a water storage area you can store with the machine in an easy to access spot in the kitchen or dining room.


How Does It Look?

Reading Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews has sold you on the machine, but you need to analyze one more factor to determine the suitability of the coffee maker. You have to judge appearance, which entails deciding if the coffee maker blends well with the décor of the kitchen or dining room.

Other features to consider before you buy a single serve coffee machine include cup size, cord length, and the level of noise produced by the coffee maker.


A Detailed Review of the Bunn Single Serve Coffee Machine

The rapidly increasing popularity of single-serve machines makes reading Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews particularly important for consumers that are interested in purchasing a single cup machine. Improved flavor and freshness has motivated many busy professionals to switch from multiple cup machines to one cup and you are done coffee makers.

BUNN Single Cup Coffee Maker

Bunn Single Cup coffee makers come with the following:

  • Machine
  • Four drawers
  • User manual
  • Two-year warranty

The two-year warranty is standard for many types of coffee machines. Bunn offers an extended warranty package that covers three or four years at an additional cost.



BUNN has created a single cup prototype that comes with a water reservoir storage area constructed with stainless steel. This means not only does the water reservoir resists dents and scratches, but it also prevents corrosion from diminishing the performance of the coffee machine. A cup of Joe only takes about 60 seconds to brew, which when combined with the automatic timer, ensures you are on your way to work in a timely manner. However, you have to plug in the coffee maker for three minutes to enjoy the 60 seconds or fewer brewing times.



No other single cup coffee brewers offer more versatility than the versatility offered by the Bunn single serve machine. Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews often mention how the machine easily handles ground coffee, tea bags, and loose tea leaves grounded through a filter. The versatility advantage of the Bunn single cup machine makes it ideal for consumers that entertain a diverse group of guests. Remember that Bunn single serve machines cannot process hard espresso pods.


Water Pouring on BunnLogistically Sound Design

A single serve coffee machine that is designed logistically sound appeals to slow risers that crawl out of bed in the morning to prepare for work. Bunn single coffee maker reviews praise the placement of dials and buttons on the base of the machine. You access the water storage area from above the base and push one of two brewing buttons located within easy reach on the front of the coffee maker. Each of the four drawers slides out for filling coffee and then you slide the drawer back into place to start the brewing process. The innovative drawer system prevents the spilling of grounds, which is an important positive attribute for coffee drinkers that prefer more expensive brands. Different color schemes allow you to match the coffee maker to any room decor.


Rugged Durability

Plastic and stainless steel make for a powerful combination in the construction of the Bunn single serve coffee machine. Both materials resist the types of dents and scratches that diminish the appearance of other types of pod coffee makers. However, some of the drawer components are not constructed with stainless steel, which can lead to damaged parts that hinder the opening and closing of one or more drawers. Some Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews criticize cracked handles and in a few cases, the handles have broken free of the coffee machine.


Taste Depends on Water Temperature

Most single pod coffee machine brew blends that taste best at high temperatures. According to dozens of Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews, this is particularly true for the Bunn pod model. You need to maintain a water temperature of at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit to extract optimal flavor from your favorite coffee grounds. The pulse brewing options to compensate for the higher brewing temperature requirement, but you have to spend time adjusting the pulse brew feature to ensure the most flavorful cup of coffee brewed at temperatures below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


How Easy is it to Use?

Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews often discuss how easy it is to operate the machine. With only two buttons to navigate, you can set the coffee maker up for success in just a few seconds. However, flashing lights can initially confuse users. The green light indicates you need to add water and the red light means the water requires more heating before the brewing process begins. A combination of red and green blinking lights lets you know it is time to check the drawer for proper positioning.


BUNN Coffee BrewerCleaning and Maintaining the Machine

After brewing each cup of coffee from the Bunn pod machine, the cleanup process takes little time to complete. First, you remove the cup, pod, bag, or grounds from the machine. Then, you quickly wash the drawer where you placed the coffee. Some Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews praise the machine for coming with durable drawers that withstand normal dishwashing cycles. You do not have to clean any filters or worry about the descaling of the stainless steel components because water evaporates at a fast rate for the water storage area. Clogged components can pose a maintenance challenge, as a paperclip or small screwdriver might not get the job done properly.



How to Get the Most out of Your Machine

Bunn has created an extensive owner’s manual that clearly explains how to brew high-quality single cups of coffee. Nonetheless, many Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews remind consumers to read the owner’s manual to avoid brewing mishaps.


Here are some other suggestions for getting the most out of your new Bunn single cup coffee maker:

  • Follow the Bunn recommended timeline for descaling the machine
  • Buy high-grade ground coffee or single coffee pods
  • Use hard water, as filtered water brews inferior coffee flavor
  • Grind coffee beans right before starting the coffee maker

Most pods easily fit inside the brewing drawer, but Bunn recommends using only K-cup pods with the single serve coffee machine. If you use other types of pods and the coffee maker breaks down, the Bunn warranty does not cover the cost of repairing any damage to the machine.


The Bottom Line

Bunn-O-Matic My Cafe

The Bunn single serve coffee machine works especially well when you insert pods into the drawer. The first few times moving the drawers in and out take more time than average, but after finding the correct motion using the interchangeable drawers is a breeze. Pull the handles gently to ensure an even distribution of coffee grounds if you decide not to use pods. Having to monitor the temperature is a hassle that busy professionals cannot afford to spend time on. We recommend buying ground coffee pods instead of grinding the beans yourself to ensure the coffee machine extracts the most flavor. If you decide to ground coffee beans, select beans that produce fine grounds to allow water to completely coat the coffee. You need to make sure the water level remains at 14 ounces, which represents another needless time-consuming task for fresh coffee brewing.

When it comes down to it, Bunn single cup coffee reviews give a thumbs up to the performance of the machine, but most of the praise is tempered by one important buying factor: Price. The price of the Bunn single serve coffee machines runs as much as $75 more than a similar model produced by the number one competitor Keurig. For brewing a single cup of coffee each day at home or at the office, $75 does make a difference for consumers living on tight monthly budgets.


Amazon Customer Reviews

Consumers have plenty of options when it comes to reading Bunn single cup coffeemaker reviews. Google offers a popular platform for leaving customer reviews, but the most accurate assessment of the Bunn coffee machine comes from Amazon, where thousands of consumers leave reviews on a wide variety of products and services.

The Amazon consumer product review system works best when a product receives thousands of reviews. Bunn single cup coffee maker reviews on Amazon have nearly approached 3,000. Which gives you a good idea on how the single serve coffee machine performs. Just over 60% of consumers give the coffee maker five stars, with 19% of consumers awarding the single cup coffee maker one or two stars. The overall rating for the Bunn single serve coffee machine is 3.9 out of five possible stars.


Positive Review

“Just picked this up two weeks ago and I love it. Have had four single cup coffee makers in the past: two Keurigs, one Hamilton Beach, and one Tassimo. This one is the best by far. The Tassimo was good but the coffee pods were very limited in terms of brands. The Hamilton Beach made very weak coffee. The two Keurigs were absolutely horrible. Neither made it more than a year due to pump failure. So far the Bunn MCU has been the best ever. It gives you complete control over the brewing process, from the type of coffee and tea to the amount of water you use.

Pods, loose tea, tea bags, K-cups or ground coffee can be brewed in the unit. The amount of ground coffee can be determined by the user and coffee grounds are easily removed from the container by tapping the side of the container cup before emptying it out. Very easy to fill the coffee container as the top will stay open while you scoop the coffee in. Design of the machine is centered on giving the user total control over the brewing process. As long as the pump lasts it will be a big winner.”


Critical Review

“Nice size and appearance and comes with several attachments for pods, ground, bags and hot water. But I bought this for a cup of coffee especially in the morning and This unit does not help start the morning off on a high note. The first unit worked ok for 5 months, then attachment for ground coffee had problems sliding in evenly, when not set straight water and coffee seeps out of unit will not even run till u remove and replace several times. Then attachment for pods started spraying water out the side. Used vinegar to clean unit, no help.

The water we use is not from a refrigerator or distilled. It is tap water run thru a whole house water softener system. Then unit just stopped heating. So after 10 months, it was done. Customer service was prompt but first wanted me to pay to mail back whole unit, not just plug. After the complaint, I did get unit return postage and a new unit. This new unit definitely works better but still has the time it will send water out the side of attachments. Never had such problems with my Mister Coffee, which I still have and used while waiting for new Bunn. Maybe we got a lemon!”

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