Keurig K475 Coffee Maker In-Depth Review

Who says that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning? Keurig K475 Coffee Maker is an affordable model manufactured by a renowned brand. It is capable of delivering excellent results in terms of hotness and taste of coffee. In this review, we will focus on all details related to this unit. You will discover its most important characteristics and see how it performed during our testing. We want to provide you with all the information needed to make a smart decision regarding the purchase. Upon reading the article, if you like the K475 unit, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. But first, let’s see what you can expect from this brewing machine.

Manufacturer Information

They say that if you want to know about the product, you should get to know the manufacturer. Keurig has established its reputation as a renowned manufacturer in the industry and it might be the leading brewing machine manufacturer. Today, Keurig is owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group who acquired the company in July 2018 for incredible $18.7 billion.

The history of Keurig started in the 1990s. A couple of students didn’t like their coffee and they set on a mission to design a machine that will revolutionize the brewing industry. At least one of them was familiar with the Dutch language as they used the Dutch word for excellence to name their company Keurig. They managed to secure some financing by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ owner Bob Stiller. In 2006, Green Mountain purchased Keurig and eight years later the company was renamed to Keurig Green Mountains. However, after the recent acquisition, the name was changed again to Keurig Dr. Pepper. It remains to be seen what lies in the future for this recently renamed brand.


Keurig K475


Before we dwell into particular features, here is a quick look at the most important characteristics of the Keurig K475 Coffee Maker:

  • Five different K-Cup brew sizes – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces. Also suitable for K-Carafe pods – 22, 26, and 30 ounces
  • Removable water reservoir with a capacity of 70 ounces
  • Five temperature settings plus strength control function
  • Programmable brewer with the timer and the digital clock on the touchscreen
  • Removable drip tray for easier cleaning and accommodating travel mugs
  • Comes with 6 K-Cup Pods

Now, take a look at the technical specifications:

  • Width:5 inches
  • Length:3 inches
  • Height:2 inches
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds

Temperature Control

There are people who like to keep things simple when it comes to brewing coffee, as well as others who like to take part in the process. Keurig K475 Coffee Maker was designed for the latter group as you can adjust the temperature settings to suit your taste. There are five different adjustments depending on how hot you like your beverage. It might take some trial and error, but after using the brewer for several times you will know the ideal settings when making yourself a cup of coffee in the morning. Additionally, you can also control strength, which is extremely important for those that love their coffee strong.

Incredible Range of Brew Sizes

The machine supports five different single brew sizes, with the smallest one being four ounces and the largest one 12 ounces. There is a chance that might not be enough, especially if you are drinking the coffee with your partner, friend, or another family member. That is why the manufacturer also included support for K-Mugs, which come in 12, 14, and 6 ounces, as well as K-Carafe pods, which deliver 22, 26, and 30 ounces of coffee at once. As far as we are concerned, this last option is more than enough for a single brew. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase the carafe separately as it doesn’t come included in the package.

However, there are some limitations when it comes to brewing, too. This unit is a part of the so-called Keurig 2.0 system, which means that it only accepts K 2.0 Cups, Carafe, and reusable pods.


Featurs of Keurig K475

Programmable Machine

K475 has a touchscreen with a diameter of 2.4 inches and an integrated digital clock. This clock combined with the adjustable timer is a major feature as it allows you to program your machine to turn on and off at the desired time of day. Imagine this scenario – the coffee maker starts several minutes before you wake up and hot coffee is waiting for you the moment you get up! That sounds amazing and K475 makes it possible. You just have to ensure to set the timer to turn on the machine at the desired time in the morning and that’s it!


Other Features

Keurig is a world-famous brand, which is the reason why the company is partnering with the world’s best-known roasters. When it comes to K-Cups, you will find more than 75 different brands available, which probably includes your favorite taste, too. The list is long and some of the roasters are Green Mountain, Donut Shop, Starbucks, Folgers, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lavazza, McCafé, Tully’s Coffee, etc. And if you do not like any of them (although that seems impossible), just purchase a reusable pod and fill it with your own coffee beans.

Water Reservoir Capacity

The water reservoir has a capacity of 70 ounces, which is commendable. Depending on your brew size, you might be able to prepare eight or more cups with just one filling. That will make the job easier as you won’t have to go to the faucet to refill often. Additionally, the reservoir is easily removable, which will make the cleaning and refilling more manageable.

Removable Drip Tray

As other similar models in the series, K475 has a removable drip tray in the bottom. There are three benefits secured by this – first, you won’t mess up the kitchen counter you place the unit on and second, the cleaning will be more manageable. As an added bonus, when you remove the drip tray, you will be able to place travel mugs under the machine. Most mugs will fit as the available space is seven inches long.

Easy to Read Touchscreen

We mentioned above that the touchscreen is 2.4 inches, which is large enough to be able to read everything clearly. The clock and the timer work great, but if the power goes off you will need to reprogram them.


Keurig K475 Coffee Maker In-Depth Review

The testing process of Keurig K475 Coffee Maker lasted for a couple of weeks. During that period, our goal was to assess the performance of the machine, as well as some other areas we believe, are important. Here is what we discovered:

Flows through the paper filter


K475 uses 2.0 K-Cup pods and there are over 75 brands available to choose from. Regardless of your choice, the gentle pressure method will be in charge of extracting every ounce of the freshly ground coffee from the pod and hot water will saturate the ground beans and flow through the paper filter. It is pretty much the basic mechanism of brewing machines, so there is no secret there.

Adjustable Temperature Setting

Unlike some simpler models, such as K45, this unit allows you to adjust temperature and altitude settings so that you can get the coffee just the way you want it. Everything starts by turning the machine on. While it is heating (it won’t take more than a couple of minutes), you will have time to analyze the touchscreen and various indicators. Although K475 allows you to participate in the process of making coffee, everything seems as simple as possible.

You can select one of the five temperature settings, but if you like things hot, there is no doubt that the highest should be the option of your choice. During our testing phase, the temperature didn’t go over 185F, which is acceptable for an affordable brewing machine. For the sake of comparison, we think that Starbucks makes their coffee at around 190F, so there is just a small difference between the two.

Aside from choosing the temperature, you can also utilize the strength control function. You know how many people are complaining that coffee they get from brewing machines is weak? Well, if you like your cup strong, you can now take advantage of the K475 settings. The results that we got were impressive as the coffee truly was strong and exceptionally flavored.

Timer and Automatic Tuning

The next thing we wanted to test was the timer and the automatic turning on the feature. We agreed to schedule our next cup of coffee in a few hours. Once we gathered in the room again, we were thrilled to see that the filled carafe with plenty of coffee was already waiting for us. Although you have to buy the carafe separately, it allows you to brew for more people at once, which will be useful when the guests come or if you enjoy having the morning coffee with other household members.

In the end, we had to conclude that we were nothing short of delighted with the results provided by the Keurig K475 Coffee Maker. There are some things that could be better, such as the fact that it doesn’t perform great with softened water, but that won’t bother most users that have clean drinking water.

Removable Drip Tray

Design and Appearance

As soon as the package was delivered, we noticed that Keurig K475 is not a small coffee maker. However, once you closely inspect it, you realize that it is the height that may cause a problem. The reason why it is so high (17.6 inches when open) is to make it suitable for tall mugs and carafes. When you think of it like that, you learn to live with your tall brewing machine. It shouldn’t be that hard to find a place for it on the counter as it is only 10.5 inches wide. You just want to make sure not to place it under cupboards due to its height.

As for the color choice, there are several options available, but we love the black model. In fact, this version combines black and silver in a modern way that will fit all kitchens and suit all tastes. The water reservoir is located in the back, which means that you will need to have access to it, but fortunately, it is easily removable, just like the drip tray on the front. The controls and the screen are in the upper part of the unit’s front and the appearance overall seems user-friendly.


For this money, you cannot expect a stainless steel model. That is why it didn’t surprise us when we realized that the Keurig K475 Coffee Maker is made of plastic. On the plus side, it seems that the manufacturer chose components of high quality as they are quite durable. You will get a limited one-year warranty, but there is a chance that you can squeeze two or more years of proper usage as long as you take care of your unit (and have a little bit of luck). The weight of the unit of 13.7 pounds makes it quite sturdy for any surface.

Quality of Coffee

Design, appearance, and durability are all important, but we are sure you would like to know more about the quality of the coffee. The crucial thing to note here is consistency. K475 is capable of delivering a consistent taste and quality of your hot beverage. Yes, you are not only limited to making coffee, but you can also prepare tea or hot chocolate as long as you have the right ready.

Our experiment with softened water didn’t go well as it caused the pods to split and overflow grains into your cup, which will result in a non-drinkable coffee. As for the quality of coffee, we were truly delighted with K475! Thanks to the strength function, we all had our coffee just the way we like. Those who prefer it moderate got it that way, while we also brewed strong sizes for a couple of us that are huge fans of them.

When it comes to hotness, it was more than acceptable. It was not exceptionally hot, but there is a trick to increase the temperature. It is actually quite simple – you just need to use a hot mug. With this little hack, you will secure that your coffee is as hot as in Starbucks. Add to that the fact that K475 is extremely consistent and you’ve got yourself a winning formula for brewing a cup of coffee.

Cleaning Process

When it comes to extending the durability of the unit and securing consistency of coffee quality, maintenance is crucial. It is not a surprise to see Keurig (and other manufacturers) make sure that you can remove the water reservoir and drip tray. That increases convenience in refilling and cleaning the unit. Keep in mind that the tray and reservoir are not machine-washable!

Clean Exit Needle

You will also need to occasionally clean the brewer exit needle as the coffee grounds may get stuck there. The cleaner is provided, but to clean it properly, you might need to tip the machine. There will be cases when the maker itself will warn you that you should clean entrance and exit needles and the detailed instructions for these operations are given in the manual.

Replace the Filters

The water filters will need to be replaced every two months or after 1,000 brewed ounces, whatever comes first. You will get two filters in the package, but from that point on, you will need to purchase them from the manufacturer. Replacing the filters is a straightforward process and it shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Descale the Brewer

Do not forget to occasionally descale the brewer. How often you should do this will depend on the quality of the water you use, but the manufacturer recommends every three to six months. In some cases, the machine will warn you to descale, but even if it doesn’t, you should go ahead and perform the descaling process if you think it’s the right time to do it.


What the Users Have to Say about the Product?

There are more than a thousand reviews available only on Amazon, which means that a bunch of users tested the product and they have plenty to say about it, too. The statistics show that most of them liked the device as hundreds of them left a maximum positive rating. Most users emphasize that the capacity of the reservoir is admirable. Combined with the fact that you can use carafe pods this makes it simple to make coffee for an entire family.

The customers also loved the fact that you can choose the temperature and coffee strength depending on your taste. They emphasize that the digital screen is simple to use, and everything was made user-friendly. One of the positives mentioned was that there was no splashing and most of the customers appreciated the variety of brew sizes available. They also commend the cleaning equipment provided for cleaning the needle assembly.

When it comes to downsides, the first thing that the users notices the noise K475 makes. They claim it is noisier than some other models by the same manufacturer. Some users also wanted the brewing process to be quicker, while there are those that complained about the inability to use softened water. The good news is that none of these are true deal-breakers, but rather imperfections that could have been made better, but you can’t expect miracles at the price.

Removable Drip Tray


  • The admirable quality of the coffee. The usage of high-quality pods with a reliable brewing machine results in consistency, flavor, and taste.
  • Choose the desired heat settings that suit your preference. There are five temperature functions available, as well as the “strong brew” option for those who prefer their coffee stronger.
  • Programmable coffee maker. Thanks to the digital clock and timer, you can prepare everything and set the unit to brew at the desired time (for example, tomorrow morning right before you get up).
  • The touchscreen is there to guide you through the entire brewing process. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen and set everything the way you like.
  • Plenty of brewing sizes to choose from ranging from four to 12 ounces. You can also purchase carafe pods that can deliver from 22 to 30 ounces of coffee at once.
  • Ample capacity of the water reservoir. With 70 ounces, you can serve six to eight (and maybe even more) cups of coffee without the need to refill.
  • Includes 6 K-Cup pods in the packaging so that you can try several different tastes and decide which one you like the most.


  • Not suitable for iced coffee. K475 will only make hot (and warm) beverages, but it is not suitable for cold ones.
  • You shouldn’t use softened water. The machine will not brew a proper cup of coffee in that case. Instead, you will be facing coffee grounds all over the machine and the kitchen counter.
  • There are some limitations when it comes to the pods you can use. Also, the carafe and carafe pods that deliver the most ounces of coffee need to be bought separately.


Final Words

Keurig K475 Coffee Maker is a part of the 2.0 series of brewing machines by this manufacturer. If you compare it to a similar version, K575, you will realize that there is almost no difference. K475 is a bit more affordable, but it also has a bit smaller screen and water reservoir. However, if you are on a restricted budget there is no doubt that this unit should be your choice as it can deliver excellent and consistent results.

Don’t worry if you are not good with technology – the touchscreen is simple to use and will guide you through the process and even show when there are potential issues with the device. You can choose between various brew sizes and the machine can even accommodate travel mugs and carafes. That means even those used to a large cup of coffee will have no complaints about the potential of the device in this area. Thanks to the several heat and strength settings, you can make the coffee perfectly suit your taste. It is a shame that you cannot make an iced coffee, but that doesn’t diminish the overall impression that Keurig K475 is a fantastic coffee maker. If you are looking for an affordable brewing machine capable of making the coffee to your liking every day, this is the right model for you.

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