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The niche is the perfect place for The Coffee Connoisseurs. It’s a recessed area in the wall of your house. There are a million things you can do with it. Some people choose to use it as a storage area, while others use it as a means of displaying things. Many people choose to use their niche as a bookcase, which is particularly convenient because it means they don’t have to buy a separate bookcase to house their books.

The fun thing about using your niche as a bookcase is that you can align your books in any way you want, displaying them artfully. Meanwhile, other people choose to use their niche as a display case of artwork. They put vases or knick-knacks in their niche, arranging them so that everything such as symmetry and style works together to create a beautiful display. Others still use their niche to house their precious collections, such as china dolls, photographs, and the like.

The niche in your kitchen can be quite useful for storing objects that you use on a regular basis. For instance, a niche is a great place to store your drinking glasses. Or, if you’re a coffee connoisseur, the niche is the perfect place to store everything that goes along with your little pick-me-up drink. Along with the best pour over coffee makers, you can store your best coffee storage container in your niche.

If you’ve never heard of the best pour over coffee makers, it’s time to learn about them. The best pour over coffee makers allows you to have more control over the entire process of brewing, which lets you alter the flavor of your coffee, bringing out all the little details. Many have found that this method gives superior flavor to automatic brewers.

The Pour Over Method

What is the pour-over method, anyway? Utilizing the best pour over coffee makers, this method is a means of manually brewing your coffee. You’ll need a dripper (the pour over coffee maker), a gooseneck kettle, a burr grinder, a scale, and a timer. Using the burr grinder, you first grind your beans. Generally, a medium grind is sufficient, however, this will depend on your pour over coffee maker. Using the scale, you measure out the number of grounds necessary for your brew.

This may all sound complicated and the fact is that the pour over method does take a little time to master. Some of the best pours over coffee makers are easier to use than others. Some are more forgiving of operator error. However, all of this work is worth it in the end. With a little experimentation, you can get your coffee to brew exactly how you want it. Automatic coffee makers do not allow you to control every step. You can only decide on the coffee-to-water ratio and the grind.

With the pour over method, you control every step: from grinding evenly, to how much ground coffee and water to use, to the temperature of the water, to water distribution. Once you figure out what goes into each step, you can brew your coffee precisely how you like it. Plus this method teases out the flavors in the coffee much better than the automated process.

Now that you know about the pour-over method, it’s time to learn about the best pour over coffee makers.

Hario V60

The Hario V60 is used in cafes everywhere. It’s made in Japan of the highest quality glass or ceramic. It’s also available in plastic, copper, and wood. The Hario V60 is not one of the more forgiving pours over coffee makers, but it’s quite worth the effort. The design is conical spiral and the filters are triangular paper. This allows the coffee to be extracted through a center point, which makes for a clean tasting cup. The design is great for bringing out fruit or floral flavors.


  • High quality, many variations available


  • Pricey filters, unforgiving to operator error

Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker

This beautiful pour over coffee maker has a flower petal structure along the walls of the brewer. This allows for better saturation as the coffee grounds are allowed to expand fully. This gives the coffee a more robust flavor. The Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker also comes in five different colors so you can match it to your kitchen. Like the Hario V60, it’s made in Japan of high-quality porcelain.


  • High quality, comes in different colors


  • none

Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Apace Living Pout Over Coffee Maker comes with a glass carafe, stainless steel filter, and even a coffee scoop. When talking about the best pour over coffee makers, this is a great one to start with. It can brew 2-3 cups at a time, which is great for those of you who like to have more than one cup. Bonus: the stainless steel filter will save you money on paper filters.


  • No paper filers make more than one cup


  • Must keep filer clean

Bee House Dripper

Reliable and durable, the Bee House Dripper is one of the best pours over coffee makers around. It’s made of ceramic, so it helps with heat retention. The Bee House Dripper has a conical ridged design, though it differs a little from other drippers because of the wedge-like design it features. The Bee House Dripper employs the standard Melitta filter. These filters can be found at most grocery stores, which makes it quite convenient to shop for them. Many of the best pours over coffee makers use their own specialized filters, which can be a hassle. You have to order them.

However, running out of the Melitta filters isn’t likely, since they’re easily found most places. The Bee House Dripper is perfect for newbies. It’s a forgiving device.


  • Forgiving to operator error uses Melitta filters


  • Fragile

lita Wave Dripper

The Kalita Wave Dripper is a simple one to use. It’s also easy to clean; all you have to do is rinse it. The Kalita Wave has its own filters, which are wavy. These filters, along with the flat bottom of the dripper help with water drainage and insulating the temperature. This produces a consistent cup of joe. It also means a more flavorful cup. The great thing about the Kalita Wave is that it’s very forgiving. You can still get a great cup of coffee even with operator error.


  • Forgiving to operator error, metal one is great for portability


  • The filters must be special ordered

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is for people who want to make more than one cup at a time. It makes 34oz of coffee at a time. The Bodum is simple to use. Simply follow the pour over steps and four minutes later your coffee will be ready. It has a built-in filter, which removes the need for paper filters. This also allows all the essential oils to filter through into your drink. The best part is, the device itself isn’t costly.


  • Cheap, easy to use


  • Must keep the filter clean

Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. It’s a lovely device made of glass which adds beauty to any kitchen. The Chemex is a perfect best pour over coffee maker for the novice due to its forgiving nature. This pour over coffee maker has a hole in the center, a ridged spout on the side, and a glass handle on the other side. It features a double bonded filter and microfine paper. This paper filters out tiny coffee particles which make for a cleaner cup of joe. Unlike many pours over coffee makers which can only make one or two cups at a time, the Chemex makes an entire carafe.


  • Beautiful, can brew more than one cup


  • Fragile, filters can be expensive

Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is an easy way to make a cup of joe. It has a conical wedge design and, like the Bee House Dripper, utilizes Melitta filters. As you know, this is particularly useful as these filters are easily found in many grocery stores. You don’t need to worry about special ordering them. This particular pour over coffee maker is especially durable. Brewing in it is easy. Put in your filter, your grounds, and your water. When your brew time has come to an end, put the Clever Dripper on a carafe or cup. The Clever Dripper has a valve at the bottom which will then release.


  • Easy to use, durable


  • Bulky

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper

The Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper comes with several parts, namely: a glass carafe with a lid, a metal filter, and a waterproof metal and wooden stand. The stand comes in several colors, offering you a means of matching it to your kitchen. The double mesh conical filter traps coffee particles while allowing the natural oils to come through. This allows for the best tasting coffee to shine. Brewing is simple and so is clean up. The borosilicate glass is odorless, durable, and thermally resistant. The detachable carafe allows you to use it for other things.


  • Beautiful, no paper filters


  • Must take care of all of the pieces

Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper

It’s in the name – the Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper doesn’t need paper filters. This is a two-fold blessing, saving you money on filters and ensuring that all of the natural oils still make it into your coffee, enhancing your flavor. There are tiny holes in the filter, which trap grounds, no matter how fine your grind is. Although the Bartelli is a single cup dripper, you can technically make more than one cup because it fits more carafes. However, you will need to add more coffee to each cup you brew.


  • No paper filters, sturdy


  • Brew is slow

Blue Roof Pour Over Coffee Kettle

This pour over coffee kettle is particularly great because it has a built-in thermometer into the lid. This set comes with a stainless steel filter cone and gooseneck kettle. The gooseneck kettle is particularly useful for pouring in a consistent and even stream so that your coffee comes out just right. You can pour your coffee into a cup or a carafe using the Blue Roof Kettle.


  • Thermometer, complete set


  • A bit pricey

The Kone Filter

The Kone Filter is just that – a reusable filter. It works with your Chemex or Hario V60 and you can get it with the Kone brewing system. Inspired by Japanese mid-century design, the Kone brewing system is a lovely and useful pour over coffee maker. However, you can also use the Kone Filter with just your cup, as long as the cup is deep enough to hold it. It’s better to use a finer grind with the Kone.


  • Can be used with Chemex or Hario V60, grants oils more access to your coffee


  • Can be difficult to clean

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Coffee Gator comes with a stainless steel filter that detaches from the carafe so that you can use the decanter for other things. Just like some of the other best pour over coffee makers on this list, the steel filter makes paper filters obsolete. There’s nothing like saving money and the environment too. Probably the best thing about the Coffee Gator is that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Can be used with Chemex or Hario V60, grants oils more access to your coffee


  • Small brewing capacity (1-2 cups)

Walkure Brewer

This cute little number is a handmade German porcelain pour over brewer which makes the pour over method fairly simple. There’s a ceramic screen, which takes paper filters out of the equation. Your grounds go in the middle section, while the top is a water dispersion plate. The bottom acts as the carafe. You measure out your water so that the bottom doesn’t overflow and voila! You have yourself a beautiful cup of coffee, without much effort.


  • Natural heat retention, two-in-one brewer and server


  • Expensive, fragile

Hario Drip Pot

Another option that takes away the paper filter, the Hario Drip Pot uses a cloth bag attached to a wireframe instead. The filters don’t touch the sides and there is no risk of that paper taste coming through like with the paper filters. Use fine grinds with the Hario Drip Pot for beautiful, rich flavors in your coffee. Well worth the patience it takes to learn how to use this particular device, the Hario Drip Pot produces wonderful tasting coffee. Its use is similar to a cold brew coffee maker.


  • No paper filters


  • Filters require cleaning

Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup

The Melitta Ready Set isn’t one of the pretty ones in the bunch, but it gets the job done. The device is simple, quick, and dishwasher safe. It also makes a mean cup of joe. The Melitta Ready Set does require paper filters, however, the machine itself costs under $10, so the investment in the filters is going to take a long time to catch up to what a permanent filter one would cost anyway.


  • Cheap, simple to use


  • Not the most attractive, paper filters required

Tanners Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Even brewing is ensured by the ceramic absorbing heat with the Tanners Ceramic Coffee Dripper. The neat part is that the handle stays cool so you can hold onto it when you need to touch it. Made at a unique angle, the Tanners helps with an even flow of water. The extraction hole is large, giving you control over the speed of the brew. All of this helps you control how strong your coffee will be and how it will taste. The best pour over coffee makers does exactly this. The Tanners works best with high premium coffee because its fast extraction will show any deficiencies in the coffee. This particular device is best for people who have used pour-over coffee brewers before.


  • Cheap, sturdy


  • Not for novices, requires paper filters

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

The Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy fits into most cups. It’s very easy to use; all you have to do is pour in your coffee then add water. The strength of the coffee depends on the number of grounds you use. This small, lightweight pour-over the coffee filter is great for travel. It is its own filter, so you don’t need to worry about paper filters.


  • Portable, no paper filters


  • Not the prettiest

Choosing Your Pour Over Coffee Maker

Now that you know which ones are the best pour over coffee makers, you need to think about which one is the right one for you. There are several things to think about before making the right choice.

First, you need to consider your budget. Some of the prices of the best pour over coffee makers run pretty high, and if you can’t afford them, then you shouldn’t waste your time on them. There’s no reason to go over your budget for something expensive when a cheaper pour over will do the trick just as well.

You also need to consider how much you know about brewing. If you’re a novice, you may want to go with a more forgiving device. If you know a little bit about what you’re doing or don’t mind experimenting, then pick one that allows you to customize more. This will enhance your coffee experience.

Ask yourself if you want a machine that serves up one cup or multiple servings. If you tend to drink just one or two cups at a time, then a single server is just right for you. However, if several family members drink coffee, if you tend to drink a lot of it, or if you entertain a lot, then a multi-serve may be the ticket.

You may already have a favorite brand you’re interested in looking at and that’s fine. However, don’t discredit the cheaper brands. At times, they do everything the name brands do and sometimes more. More money doesn’t always mean better value. Try looking at reviews online and see what you come up with. You never know when a cheaper brand will be the better buy.

Tips for Pour Over

Make sure you’re using freshly ground coffee. Pre-ground lacks the aroma and flavor that freshly ground has. Beans begin to lose their flavor very quickly after grinding, so don’t pre-grind them either. Always grind right before you brew. This will ensure the best flavor comes through. In addition, you want to use the most premium roast you can afford. The better the coffee bean, the more flavorful it will be. Also, always follow the instructions which come with your pour over machine. Use the filters the instructions tell you to if you use paper filters. Don’t brew more than one cup at a time with a reusable filter without cleaning it in between.

Back to the Niche

Now that you’ve had your fill of the best pour over coffee makers, it’s time to discuss your niche again. There are many different types of niches in the kitchen. Some can be located up high, others down low. Others still fit into random spots that just happen to be open. There are niches that sit above cabinets or the fridge, which don’t make for the ideal place to store things that you use daily. Others still are full floor to ceiling niches. These are great for storing just about anything, including your best pour over coffee makers and accessories, such as the gooseneck kettle, scale, and timer. These will all look great in your niche.

However, you will want to store your beans with all of your accessories as well. For this, you will want the best coffee storage container. You may not think there’s much to think about when picking the best coffee container, but there’s actually quite a bit to consider.

The Best Coffee Storage Container

Coffee beans taste best when they are fresh. That’s why it’s important to have the best coffee storage container on hand to store them. There are a few things that make coffee beans not so tasty: air, light, moisture, and heat. You need a container that will protect them from all of these elements.

What’s wrong with air, you ask? Well, the flavor of the coffee is all inside the bean and leaving the beans in the open makes them lose it, through a process called oxidation. They lose their carbon dioxide, which is the gas that is released during roasting. This gas is where all of the flavors come from. In addition, there are antioxidants in coffee, which are really good for you. These can be lost over time as they are exposed to the four elements mentioned above.

Storing Your Coffee Beans

Many people store their coffee beans in the bags they come in but this isn’t a great way to keep your beans fresh. Once the seal on the bag is broken, air comes in. Mason jars are also a popular storing method, but they don’t protect against heat and light, which, again, are another way your beans lose their flavor.

Do Not Store

There are people who like to store their coffee in the freezer, but this isn’t the best idea. Unless your container is truly airtight, some air can get in. This is a problem because coffee absorbs tastes and smells in the air. This means that it will absorb whatever is in your freezer, including anything particularly smelly. You also have to worry about freezer burn. In addition, if you do have an airtight container, you have to be quick when taking it in and out of the freezer lest condensation builds up. Remember that moisture is coffee beans’ enemy. If you’re going to store your coffee in the freezer, you truly need to buy the best coffee container you can find.

Choosing a Container

The first thing to think about when picking the best coffee storage container is how airtight it is. Since air is your coffee’s enemy, it must be airtight, or vacuum sealed. Since moisture is just as evil as air when it comes to coffee beans, keeping them dry is just as important as keeping air out. Don’t forget about the other two enemies: heat and light. Keep them in mind when shopping for the best coffee container. The last thing to think about is your kitchen décor. There are a wide variety of containers available so you should be able to find one that fits perfectly into your niche.

The Best Coffee Container

Since you now know about what makes the best coffee storage container, let’s look at some of the best ones on the market.

Planetary Design Airscape

The Planetary Design Airscape is super airtight. It forces air out as the lid is locked in place due to a special valve. This will keep your beans fresh and delicious. The wide opening makes scooping your beans out simple.


  • Great value


  • Small size (though available in a larger one)

Friis Coffee Vault

It’s called the vault for a reason. The Friis Coffee Vault is a stainless steel jar which prevents the transfer of odors and flavors, so you can change your coffee bean flavor if you like. It’s easy on the eyes, so you can leave it out in your niche for display. The Friis holds a pound of coffee. It has a one-way valve so CO2 won’t build up and destroy the flavor of your coffee.


  • Has one-way valve, comes with a year’s supply of valves


  • Valves ought to be replaced every 3 months

Coffee Gator Canister

The Coffee Gator Canister is made of stainless steel and holds a pound of coffee beans. It also has a one-way valve to protect your coffee from CO2 build up. There’s a date wheel on the lid which is intended to help you remember when to replace the valve. The fun thing about the Coffee Gator is it comes in different colors such as red, gold, blue, and grey. In addition, there’s a travel size available. Bonus: it also comes with a free eBook and a scoop.


  • A one-way valve comes in different colors


  • Valves need to be replaced, not particularly sturdy

Tightpac Coffeevac

The gorgeous black Coffeevac is made of sturdy plastic. It also comes in several colors to match your kitchen and niche perfectly. It has a two-way valve which allows CO2 to escape but won’t allow oxygen in. The lid is operated by a button. It forces air out. Although there’s “vac” in its name, it doesn’t really make a vacuum. However, it still keeps coffee fresh.


  • Tight seal, easy to use a lid, affordable


  • Clear plastic ones may allow light in

BeanSafe Coffee Storage Solution

The BeanSafe is another best coffee storage container that is airtight. Like many on this list, it has a valve to allow CO2 to escape while keeping oxygen out. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. The BeanSafe stores around a pound of coffee beans.


  • Comes with a scoop


  • Not a real vacuum seal

BlinkOne Coffee Canister

Using a lid that screws down instead of latches to create a seal, the BlinkOne Coffee Canister is another best coffee container. It also has a silicone gasket. With a stainless steel finish, the BlinkOne is a nice looking container. There’s nothing fancy about it, but it does a good job of blocking out all of the elements that will ruin your coffee. There is a hidden bonus to this one: a magnetic scoop which lives on the bottom of the lid. The BlinkOne holds a little over a pound of coffee beans.


  • A bit bigger than others


  • No CO2 valve

Kitchables Lavender Latte Coffee Canister

This cute canister is a lovely shade of lavender, which is perfect for anyone who wants to add a splash of color to their niche. Or who simply has a lavender kitchen. The CO2 valve works really well and it has a holding size of 17oz. There’s a wheel on the lid for keeping track of bean expiration dates. A nifty metal spoon comes with this adorable canister.


  • Adorable color, timer


  • Steel is a little thin

Coffman Airtight Container

Shaped like an hourglass, the Coffman is a gorgeous addition to any niche. It’s also easy to hold and super simple to use. The lid just pulls right off. A gasket inside keeps the seal tight. It holds around 12-16oz. Reaching the bottom of the container is easy with the included scoop.


  • Simple lid, interesting design


  • Maybe too small for some

LOVE Coffee Canister

When discussing what makes the best coffee storage container, think about the LOVFFEE Coffee Canister, which creates a vacuum seal. It’s made of ceramic which is heat resistant. Remember, heat is one of the enemies of coffee, so this is imperative in a coffee canister. There is also a one-way valve to keep CO2 from building up inside of it.


  • Silicon base


  • Expensive

OXO Grips Coffee POP Container

The OXO Grips Coffee POP Container is interesting because it’s rectangular. It also has a neat way of opening by way of a button. This button presses down to make an airtight seal. When you press it again, it pops up to be used as a handle. The OXO Grips is tinted to block off the light, however, you can still admire your precious beans. There are also three sizes available. A pound of beans fits into the middle size.


  • Stackable, easy lid


  • Not exactly pretty


Choosing the best coffee storage container may seem like no big deal, but your taste buds will thank you for storing your coffee beans properly. Remember that the biggest enemies of coffee flavor are air, light, heat, and moisture. Find a coffee container that removes all four of those from the equation. This will help keep your beans fresh for as long as possible.

Your Coffee Lover’s Niche

Now that you have learned about the best pour over coffee makers and what makes the best coffee container, it’s time to think about what you want to do with your niche. This will all have to do with location, size, and shape of your niche. As mentioned before, there are many varieties of niches in homes and they’re not all suited to storing items that you use every day. However, if you have a niche that is placed conveniently, and you are a coffee lover, then it’s the perfect place to display all of your equipment.

Spruce It Up

There are many ideas out there to make your niche an interesting piece of your home. If you wish to utilize it for storage, you can still have fun with it. Paint it. Make it a matching color to the walls of your kitchen. Or you can make it interesting and paint it a contrasting color. Install a mirror in the back of the niche to reflect the items that you have sitting in it. This will reflect the backs of anything you have there, making for a dramatic show. You can install glass doors. This is two-fold. You get to do something neat with your niche and keep dust out of it. This is particularly useful if you plan to display your coffee mugs in it.

Wrap Up

Your niche is a great place to build your coffee lover’s paradise. Remember that for the best pour over coffee makers, you will need certain accessories. This will include a gooseneck kettle for pouring in a circular, slow motion. You will also require a scale to measure out your coffee and water. In addition, you’ll need a timer to time the brewing process. You will also need the best coffee container to hold your beans. Your best coffee container should be airtight or vacuum sealed to protect your beans from air and moisture. It should also protect them from heat and light as much as possible.

Before you decide to buy anything, either the pour over coffee maker or the best coffee storage container, do your research. Find out what people are saying about the brands that are available out there and weigh the cons against the pros. Think about how sturdy the container is, the quality, and how long it will last you. Decide if the extras that come with it are worth the price you’re paying for it. Also, keep in mind that a CO2 valve isn’t necessary, but is quite convenient to have as it will help keep the carbon dioxide from festering in the canister and messing with the freshness of your beans.

There are plenty of reviews out there. Go forth and explore.

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